How Accurate Are the Circulating Records of CHAN Opening Ceremony Spectatorship?

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23rd January 2023
How Accurate Are the Circulating Records of CHAN Opening Ceremony Spectatorship?
There are no official spectatorship statistics about CHAN (Twitter)

Websites and social media users in the MENA region posted a headline stating that the 2022 African Nations Championship (CHAN 2022) opening ceremony, hosted by Algeria until February4, broke a tremendous record with over a 100 million views on beIN Sports tv channel.

According to the claim, Moroccans are the leading the viewing records  of the ceremony with 29 million views, followed by Algerians with 27 million views, and Egyptians with 16 million views.

Users who shared the claim highlighted that views percentage at CHAN Algeria broke all records with five times more views than the previous CHAN in Cameroon. According to the claim, views of the Cameroon opening did not exceed 20 million views according to the view's percentage.

Some websites attributed the circulating percentages to news reports, and others attributed them to beIN Sports channels.

How Accurate Are the Circulating Statistics?

Misbar's team found that no reliable local or international media outlets or institutions shared the circulating statistics. 

Misbar's team also found that beIN Sports Group did not publish any statistics on the viewers’ number of the African Nations Championship (CHAN 2022) opening ceremony in Algeria. The circulating infographic is falsely attributed to beIN Sports. 

Misbar ‘s team found an infographic, similar to the circulating one, published by the Qatari News Agency about beIN Sports Group statistics on the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony and the first-round matches; where views exceeded one billion. 

صورة متعلقة توضيحية

By comparing the two infographics, a match in the format is clean with changes in colors and the championship mascot, as well as statistics and countries. 

Misbar found no reliable statistics on the African Nations Championship in Cameroon (CHAN 2021) views percentage.

صورة متعلقة توضيحية
صورة متعلقة توضيحية

African Nations Championship in Algeria (CHAN 2022) Opening

The claim was shared after the seventh African Nations Championship (CHAN Algeria) opening was held on January 13. 

صورة متعلقة توضيحية

Morocco's National Team Withdrew form CHAN Algeria 

The Moroccan Football Association has officially withdrawn from the African Nations championship in Algeria. Morocco's national team delegation did not acquire a direct flight clearance from the Algerian authorities.

Algeria had shut the airspace on Moroccan airplanes for political reasons. This was followed by the decision to cut all political ties with Morocco in 2021. 

beIN Sports Network assigned the fourth channel to broadcast the CHAN 2022 events. 

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