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Did Cristiano Ronaldo Tell a Fan to Go and Watch Lionel Messi?

Wesam Abo Marq Wesam Abo Marq
7th March 2023
Did Cristiano Ronaldo Tell a Fan to Go and Watch Lionel Messi?
Ronaldo did not make the alleged statement (Getty)

The Cristiano Ronaldo-Lionel Messi debate will forever dominate football discourse.

Following Al-Nassr’s 3-1 victory over Al-Batin, Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of acting inappropriately with a Lionel Messi supporter. 

However, these allegations seem to be false.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo React Badly to a Messi Fan?

Following Al-Nassr's match against Al Batin on Friday, a footage of Ronaldo walking through the tunnel to the dressing room went viral on social media.

The footage reveals a Messi supporter yelling at Ronaldo, "Messi is way better!"

Social media users alleged that Ronaldo said in Portuguese, “Go and watch him, why are you here?” 

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What Did Ronaldo Say After Al-Nassr's Match?

Misbar investigated the viral video and found the claim to be fake. 

Misbar contacted a Portuguese translator, who confirmed that Ronaldo did not make the alleged statement. 

Ronaldo's actual words were, "En general partido fácil, mira el partido fácil," which means: "An easy match? Never an easy match!"

In support of Cristiano Ronaldo, a Twitter user tweeted a screenshot of Google Translate, which shows that the two Spanish words "partido fácil" were translated to the English phrase "easy match."

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Al-Nassr’s 3-1 Win Over Al-Batin

The allegation circulated following the 19th round of the Saudi League, which brought together the Al-Nassr and Al-Batin teams at Marsul Park Stadium on Friday, March 3.

The 38-year-old participated in all 90 minutes as Al-Nassr triumphed over Al-Batin team in the Saudi League.

Abdulrahman Ghareeb equalized for Al-Nassr in the third minute of overtime. 

In the 12th minute of stoppage time, Mohammed Al Fatil gave Al-Nassr a 2-1 lead before Mohammed Maran added the third goal of the match in the 14th minute of stoppage time.

Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo

For many years, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have competed for the title of greatest player in the world.

While many believe that argument was settled on December 18 when Messi won the World Cup, some believe it is still debatable, and others believe that there is no way to emulate Ronaldo's legacy.

Regardless of who is perceived as the best of all time, there is no disputing that this rivalry is one for the ages. We might never see two outstanding talents fight head-to-head like this again, or at least for a very long time.

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