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Israeli Propaganda Regarding the Palestinian Narrative During the Gaza War

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
25th December 2023
Israeli Propaganda Regarding the Palestinian Narrative During the Gaza War
Baseless Israeli Allegations Targeting Palestinians (Getty)

Einav Avizemer describes herself as an entrepreneur, creating sarcastic and thought-provoking comedic content. Additionally, she claims expertise in interpreting current political issues. She has approximately 33,000 followers on her Instagram account and more than 10,000 on the X platform.

Einav Avizemer's Instagram account
Einav Avizemer's Instagram account
Einav Avizemer's account on the X platform
Einav Avizemer's account on the X platform

Avizemer frequently shares satirical videos on her social media accounts. Controversially, she argues that the situation in Gaza is not as awful as depicted, suggesting that Israel's actions towards Palestinians are acts of favor. Moreover, she consistently accuses Palestinians of fabricating casualties and injuries during the Israeli war on Gaza.

It should be noted that Avizemer's video clips have gained widespread attention, spreading extensively across her personal profiles and various accounts on the X platform, amassing a substantial number of views.

Repetitive Accusations That Palestinians Fabricate Scenes of Victims

In a video posted on the X platform on December 7, Avizemer accuses Palestinians of painting themselves red to fake injuries. She said, “So, you will go to the streets, spilled red paint all over yourselves, and cry ‘Ceasefire now.'"

However, these claims were debunked earlier by Misbar. Moreover, several Israeli-affiliated accounts, along with supporters of Israel, employ the term "Pallywood." This term, aligned with the Israeli narrative, implies a portrayal akin to Hollywood-style acting. They use this term to circulate images and videos of Gaza's victims of Israeli aggression, accusing them of fabricating their injuries.

One of these claims revolves around a video being circulated by users on social media, showing people in Gaza using a doll to simulate the death of a baby. Misbar's investigation revealed that the video actually depicts the body of a baby that stiffened after death. Misbar Arabic reached out to Omar Al-Derawi, the Palestinian photographer who filmed the footage. He confirmed that the video displays the body of an infant, not older than five months, and confirmed recording it at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital on December 1.

a baby was killed in Gaza

In another incident, Israeli accounts, including that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's spokesman Ofir Gendelman, as well as pages of influencers promoting the Israeli narrative, circulated a video. They claimed that this video showed the "lies" Palestinians were allegedly promoting to mislead international opinion about civilian injuries in Gaza since October 7.

Misbar investigated the circulating claim and found that the video had been taken from a short Lebanese film released on October 28. This footage aimed to depict the challenges encountered by Gaza's children as a result of the Israeli aggression on the strip.

the challenges encountered by Gaza's children as a result of the Israeli aggression on the strip.

Besides those claims, social media users circulated a video alleging to have shown a group of Palestinians in Gaza during the ongoing war, with accusations that they were fabricating their injuries. Misbar discovered that the video originated from March 2, 2017, published by TRT World. It showcased the work of Palestinian makeup artist Mariam Saleh, highlighting her role as a female special effects makeup artist in Gaza's film industry.

Palestinian makeup artist Mariam Saleh

Israel Claims Southern Gaza as Safe Zones for Civilians

On December 22, the Hot Spot account shared a video of Einav Avizemer discussing the situation in Gaza, stating that it is not as dire as often depicted.

Avizemer remarked, "What is happening in Gaza right now is Israel doing them a favor." She added, “Actually, it is not going to be so hard. You can just go to southern of Gaza, where the IDF told them to go so they will not get hurt in the war.” In line with the false Israeli narrative, Avizemer asserts that the southern regions of Gaza are safe havens where civilians are not at risk of being targeted. Consequently, she urges people to relocate to southern Gaza to ensure their safety.

According to an investigation conducted by The New York Times on December 22, 2023, it was revealed that Israel had used the "most destructive" bombs in areas classified as safe zones in the southern Gaza Strip. The investigation indicated that the bombs, weighing 2000 pounds, caused extensive destruction in the targeted areas. Consequently, they pose a significant threat to civilians seeking refuge in the southern areas of Gaza for safety.

Israel had used the "most destructive" bombs in areas classified as safe zones in the southern Gaza Strip

Accusations of Captives Being Raped by Hamas Members

In the same video, Avizemer said, “Those ‘innocent Palestinians’ and their children broke into Israel with Hamas and helped them murder, torture, behead, rape, steal and kidnap people.”

On October 10, the i24 News Channel claimed on its English version website that Hamas fighters had brutally slaughtered 40 Israeli babies. According to the claim, most of them were beheaded in the Kfar Aza settlement, near the Gaza Strip border fence, during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

Misbar investigated the viral claim as it was propagated by international media channels, especially in the United States. However, it is worth noting that the viral claim was not circulated in Israeli media, which is doubtful. If such news were true, it would have widely spread in prominent Israeli channels, such as the 12, 13, and 11 channels, as well as in well-known Hebrew newspapers.

i24 News Channel claimed on its English version website that Hamas fighters had brutally slaughtered 40 Israeli babies

Approximately four hours after the news disseminated, the Anadolu Agency asked the Israeli army about the reality of beheaded babies. The spokesman stated that he did not have any information regarding that incident, contradicting the claims made by the i24 News channel correspondent, Nicole Zedek, who was part of reporters that conducted a tour in Kfar Aza settlement accompanied by Israeli soldiers.

When it comes to the accusations of rape against Israeli prisoners, there is been a circulating claim alleging that the released Israeli captive, Maya Regev, was subjected to rape by Hamas members. This claim suggests she needs medical treatment at a hospital in Paris.

Maya Regev, was subjected to rape by Hamas members.

Misbar had investigated that claim and found it to be false, as Maya Regev’s medical records did not indicate any instance of rape or the need for treatment in Paris. Following her release from captivity in Gaza on Sunday, November 26, Maya Regev was admitted to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba for immediate medical evaluation, and her condition was reported as stable.

Dr. Shlomi Kodesh, the Soroka general director, stated that Maya's life was not in danger, but she had to undergo surgery due to injuries sustained from being shot on October 7. He further mentioned that Maya was expected to make a full recovery, and the hospital staff provided complete support to her and her family.

Maya Regev was admitted to Soroka Medical Center

Misbar conducted an investigation on November 30, 2023, to debunk the claim regarding Maya Regev's alleged rape by Hamas members, based on medical reports issued by the relevant authorities.

No medical report confirm rape of Maya Regev

On another case, accounts and pages on social media published news stating that Cochav Elkayam-Levy, the chair of the Israeli investigation committee into alleged rape cases, presented an old photo of Kurdish female recruits as Israeli girls who were sexually assaulted by Hamas fighters during the Nova Music Festival, the day of the start of the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7.

By investigating the circulating claim, Misbar found that American investigative journalist Max Blumenthal was the first to reveal that the Israeli occupation fabricated this story.

It turned out that the site called “Hamas Massacre,” which was created by Israeli authorities to publish images from the Supernova concert during the Hamas attack on the Gaza envelope, had published the same photo on November 13, but Blumenthal concluded that it was old and had been published in May 2022 as showing the bodies of Kurdish female fighters, and not related to the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

the bodies of Kurdish female fighters

Misbar has conducted a thorough investigation to substantiate the falsity of those Israeli allegations.

Israel Falsely Claimed a Kurdish Fighter’s Photo Was an Israeli Woman Raped on October 7

The Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza

On December 23, 2023, after 78 days since the onset of the war on Gaza, as reported by the government media office, the occupying army committed 1,720 massacres, resulting in 27,258 casualties, including martyrs and missing individuals. Among the toll were 20,258 martyrs who reached hospitals, consisting of 8,200 children, 6,200 females, 310 members from medical teams, 35 individuals from civil defense, and 100 journalists.

The Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza

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