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Israeli Military Admits Image Errors at al-Shifa Hospital During Its Invasion

Wesam Abo Marq Wesam Abo Marq
25th March 2024
Israeli Military Admits Image Errors at al-Shifa Hospital During Its Invasion
Israeli was forced to acknowledge errors in the published Al-Shifa images (X)

During the Israeli occupation forces’ invasion of al-Shifa hospital recently, the Israeli military released images of 358 individuals whom IOF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari referred to during a statement as "the largest aggregation of terrorists we have apprehended since the beginning of the war." However, discrepancies arose when a Hamas official accused the Israeli military of disseminating misleading images of the detainees from the al-Shifa complex, prompting Israeli forces to acknowledge errors in the published images.

Israeli Assault on Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital Enters Sixth Day

The Israeli military's ongoing operation at Gaza City's al-Shifa medical complex entered its sixth day on Friday, with reports from Palestinian health officials indicating that hundreds of patients remain trapped inside the hospital and numerous medical staff members have been forcibly detained.

According to the Israel Occupation Forces, Israel has killed more than 150 Palestinians within or around the hospital, and approximately 800 individuals have been arrested since the commencement of the raid on Monday.

Israel issued orders for Palestinians to evacuate al-Shifa Hospital, threatening to destroy the largest medical complex in the Gaza Strip if they refuse. The World Health Organization reports losing contact with medical staff at al-Shifa Hospital and seeks updates on patients' well-being. According to the Gaza media office, thirteen patients have died at al-Shifa Hospital due to the Israeli army's denial of medicine, oxygen, and food.

Israeli Occupation Forces Release Images of Detainees Amid al-Shifa Hospital Invasion

During a press briefing held by IOF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari on March 21, he alleged that the operation at al-Shifa Hospital is ongoing. According to the spokesperson, this operation has led to the largest number of apprehended individuals since the start of the conflict. 

A supporting image within the article body
A screenshot of the claim by the IOF’s spokesperson (IOF)

According to the IOF statement, Israel detained over 500 ‘suspects’, with 358 of them identified as members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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A photo shows the Hamas detainees during the al-Shifa invasion.

Hamas Accuses Israeli Forces of Disseminating Misleading Images

A Hamas security official stated that "the list of detainees' photos from al-Shifa Hospital released by the spokesperson of the occupation army is not accurate," pointing out that "some of the photos in the list belong to individuals currently outside Gaza and others to martyrs."

The Hamas official further stated that "three of the photos in the list belong to doctors previously released by the occupation," affirming that "the claims made by Israeli media about the arrest of dozens of resistance leaders at al-Shifa Hospital are untrue."

The Hamas official concluded by emphasizing that "what is published in Israeli media is not accurate and is part of the psychological and moral warfare against the resistance in Gaza."

Israeli Military Admits Mistake in Images of Detainees at al-Shifa Hospital

The Israeli military acknowledged on Friday that it mistakenly released images of individuals described as "saboteurs" who had been detained following the siege on Gaza's largest hospital earlier in the week.

However, the IOF later attempted to clarify its stance, attributing the error to "human error." Avichay Adraee, an IOF spokesperson, stated in a post on X that "some of the published pictures" depict individuals who have not yet been detained. Adraee claimed these wrongly identified individuals "are in the hospital area and are hiding there."

A supporting image within the article body
A screenshot of Avichay Adraee’s post on the X platform.

A subsequent statement from the IOF in English also asserted that "these terrorists are currently barricaded inside the hospital." 

CNN Interviews Gazans Forced to Flee al-Shifa Hospital Amid Israeli Military Invasion

Palestinians who managed to flee from al-Shifa Hospital recounted harrowing experiences, stating that they were subjected to interrogation, forced removal, and separation from injured family members amid Israel's assault on the medical facility.

CNN interviewed women and children who escaped towards the south along Al-Rasheed Street on Thursday, following days of IOF encirclement around Gaza's largest hospital. Witnesses described chaotic scenes of fleeing amidst the sound of Israeli snipers, gunfire, and tank shelling after purportedly being instructed by the Israeli military to evacuate the area.

"Ibrahim Shamala, a teenage boy who fled the hospital, recounted, 'They shot at us, and they fired missiles from the tanks ... They interrogated us, they stripped us naked,'" reported CNN.

Rawand Abu Hassan, a woman displaced from her home near al-Shifa, expressed her anguish to CNN, stating, "We were walking on bodies of martyrs, there are people's body parts in the streets. Where is religion and conscience? We are so tired, what did children do to deserve this?"

Jamila al-Hissy, a Gazan trapped within the besieged hospital, told Al Jazeera that Israeli forces have committed acts of rape and murder against Palestinian women.

Yesterday, Al Jazeera exclusively released an image depicting the body of a deceased Palestinian following an incident where an Israeli tank reportedly ran over the individual around al-Shifa complex.

Israeli War On Gaza Claims 32,000 Palestinian Lives

Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7 have resulted in at least 32,000 Palestinians killed and more than 74,188 wounded, according to reports.

Exclusive footage obtained by Al Jazeera in February, captured by an Israeli drone, depicts the unmanned aerial vehicle killing four Palestinians in Khan Younis.

According to the Government Media Office in Gaza, at least 19 people were killed and 23 others injured by Israeli gunfire on Gaza residents who were awaiting humanitarian aid at the Kuwait roundabout in Gaza City on Saturday.

UNICEF warns that Rafah houses Gaza's last remaining hospitals, shelters, markets, and water systems, emphasizing that "the world must not stay silent" regarding Israel's invasion plan.

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