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This Photo Does Not Show Malaysia’s Lost Airplane MH370

Ouissal Harize Ouissal Harize
2nd May 2023
This Photo Does Not Show Malaysia’s Lost Airplane MH370
The claim is unsubstantiated (Twitter)

The Claim

A photo shows the wreckage of Malaysia Airplane MH370 that disappeared 9 years ago.

Emerging story

A claim alleging that a photo shows the wreckage of Malaysia Airplane MH370 that disappeared 9 years ago has gone viral online. 

According to the claim, the plane “has been found under ocean with no human skeleton.”

A supporting image within the article body

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating claim and found it to be misleading. Misbar’s team conducted a reverse image search but could not trace the image back. Nevertheless, up to the time of publishing this fact-check, airplane MH370 is still missing.

What Happened to Airplane MH370?

On the fateful night of March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport en route to Beijing Capital International Airport. However, what was meant to be a routine red-eye flight turned into a nightmare that would leave the world perplexed.

MH370 was a Boeing 777 jet, captained by Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a highly respected pilot with over 33 years of experience, and assisted by first officer Fariq Hamid, who was just one training flight away from receiving full certification. The plane carried a total of 239 people, including 227 passengers and 12 crew members. The passengers were of various nationalities, with the majority being Chinese.

The first 40 minutes of the flight proceeded without incident. However, as the plane approached the end of Malaysian airspace at 1:19 am, air traffic control handed off the flight to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Zaharie acknowledged the transmission and replied, "Good night, Malaysian three-seven-zero," which was the last communication ever received from the flight.

Shortly after, MH370 disappeared from radar screens without a trace. Subsequent attempts to contact the flight were unsuccessful, and the plane was never located. This incident was unprecedented, as commercial planes are supposed to be tracked and always monitored.

The Disappearance of Airplane MH370

The disappearance of MH370 triggered one of the most extensive and expensive search operations in aviation history, spanning over several years and covering a vast area of the Indian Ocean. Several countries and organizations participated in the search, including Australia, Malaysia, China, and the United States.

Various theories have been put forth to explain the disappearance of the flight, ranging from equipment malfunction, hijacking, pilot error, to terrorism. However, none of these theories have been substantiated, and the exact cause of the incident remains a mystery.

Netflix produced a documentary that recounted the incident and tried to find answers.

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