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This Video of a Girl and a Cat Predates the Gaza War

Ahmed Sabry Ahmed Sabry
9th December 2023
This Video of a Girl and a Cat Predates the Gaza War
The video was posted years before the 2023 Gaza war (X)

The Claim

A video shows a cat with a dead girl in Gaza.

Emerging story

A widely shared video allegedly shows a cat with a martyred girl in Gaza.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating video and found the claim to be misleading. 

Misbar's team found that the viral video predates the Gaza war. Its source is unknown, but it has been circulating since 2021.

The video was posted on several social media platforms years before the 2023 Gaza war.

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Oldest Mosques in Gaza City Suffer Extensive Damage Amidst Airstrikes

According to authorities in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, two of the oldest mosques in Gaza City have suffered significant damage in recent airstrikes. The Great Omari mosque, known as the oldest mosque in Gaza City, has been largely reduced to rubble, with only its minaret still standing, as evidenced by photos and videos shared on social media.

Hamas has accused Israel of being responsible for the destruction of the mosque, condemning it as a "heinous and barbaric crime" that targets an important historical landmark and a religious symbol of Gaza City. According to Hamas, a total of 104 mosques and three historical churches have been destroyed thus far.

Additionally, the Othman bin Qushqar Mosque, located in the old town of Gaza City, was reportedly struck on Thursday, resulting in damage to nearby buildings and causing injuries, as reported by the Palestinian culture ministry in Ramallah. Situated in the Zaytoun neighborhood, the Othman bin Qushqar Mosque is recognized as one of the oldest mosques and archaeological landmarks in the Gaza Strip, according to the ministry.

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