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The New Rules for Ramadan in Saudi Arabia Are Not Recent

Menna Elhusseiny Menna Elhusseiny
1st March 2024
The New Rules for Ramadan in Saudi Arabia Are Not Recent
The rules from 2023 are part of Ramadan arrangements (X)

The Claim

Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman bans Iftar in mosques and prohibits Imams from collecting donations for organizing Iftar ahead of Ramadan.

Emerging story

Recently, accounts on social media platform X have been circulating news claiming that Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has prohibited Iftar gatherings in mosques and banned Imams from fundraising for Ramadan feasts in Saudi Arabia, indicating a major drift in traditional practices in accordance with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs' new guidelines.

Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman

Misbarโ€™s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating claim and found it to be misleading.

Misbar's team found that the rules date back to 2023 as a part of Ramadan-associated arrangements introduced by the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance, in preparation to serve the worshipers ahead of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Saudi Arabiaโ€™s New Mosque Guidelines Under Prince Bin Salmanโ€™s Reforms

Ahead of Ramadan 2023, the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs issued a set of regulations to be applied during the Holy Month, starting March 2023. The ministry pointed out that Iftar is not allowed inside mosques and should instead be held at a designated place in courtyards.

Saudi Arabiaโ€™s New Mosque Guidelines Under Prince Bin Salmanโ€™s Reforms

Other directives include banning imams of mosques in the kingdom from collecting donations to fund serving Iftar for fasting people during Ramadan. Furthermore, imams are urged to avoid prolonging the time of Taraweeh prayers offered in Ramadan and to deliver sermons beneficial to worshippers.

Additionally, the ministry prohibits the transmission or broadcasting of prayers in the media of all kinds. Worshipers are urged not to bring children, as this may disrupt the worship atmosphere and lead to a loss of reverence.

Saudi Vision 2030

The recent rules for Ramadan are just a part of Prince Mohammad Bin Salman's expansive reform initiative, which has unfolded since his ascension as crown prince. From reopening movie theaters after a 35-year-old ban and lifting bans on music performances to allowing women to drive, the prince's reforms have proven to be both transformative and divisive.

Saudi Vision 2030

The introduction of 'Vision 2030,' a strategic plan aimed at reducing Saudi Arabia's reliance on oil and diversifying its economy, underscores the prince's dedication to a modernized Saudi Arabia.

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