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Old Photo Features a Burned Kurdish Kid Not a Gazan During the Ongoing Israeli War

Wesam Abo Marq Wesam Abo Marq
3rd April 2024
Old Photo Features a Burned Kurdish Kid Not a Gazan During the Ongoing Israeli War
The photo shows a burned Kurdish child (X)

The Claim

This kid was bombed with US tax payers' money, dropped by the vile of the Gaza! 

Emerging story

In the midst of the ongoing Israel war on Gaza, social media users circulated a photo allegedly showing a Gazan child burned by white phosphorus from Israeli occupation forces. 

The photo was accompanied by a claim blaming the United States for funding attacks on civilians in Gaza, stating, "We Will Never Forget. We Will Fight Back Till our Last Breath. This kid was bombed with US taxpayers' money, dropped by the vile of the Earth. We Will Never Forget."

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating photo and found the claim to be misleading.

After conducting a thorough reverse image search, Misbar’s investigative team found the photo to be outdated and unrelated to the recent unrest between Israel and Gaza.

The Photo Shows a Burned Kurdish, Not a Gazan Child

The photo does not feature a Gazan child who was burned with Israel’s white phosphorus recently.

The photo, however, shows a Kurdish kid who was burned in Rojava, which is a de facto autonomous region in northeastern Syria.

The kid, who was later identified as Mohammed Hamid, was burned with white phosphorus during a Turkish offensive in northern Syria in 2019. 

During a live TV interview, Mohammed corrected his identity and provided accurate details about the circumstances of his injuries. He clarified that he was burned with white phosphorus during a Turkish offensive in northern Syria, refuting previous claims made by a Turkish journalist that he was injured in Palestine by Israelis.

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A screenshot of the gercek news’ article showing the same Kurdish child. 

Mohammed Hamid's severe injuries occurred during the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and Turkey-backed Syrian National Army's operation in northern Syria. He sustained burns from the explosion of a mortar shell fired into Serekaniye during the operation, resulting in extensive injuries covering a significant portion of his body.

In a live broadcast on Rudaw, now 17-year-old Hamid clarified his identity and corrected the record, stating, "I am not Palestinian. I am from Ras al-Ayn (in northern Syria), burned with white phosphorus in 2019."

America Sends More Weapons to Israel to Kill Gaza Civilians

According to two senior administration officials who spoke with NBC News, the United States is dispatching a new shipment of bombs to Israel, a move that appears contradictory to the Biden administration's publicly expressed concerns about Israel's actions in the conflict and its efforts to broker a cease-fire.

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A screenshot of the NBC News’ article.

This ammunition, part of a weapons package approved for Israel years ago, is only now being delivered. It comprises over 1,800 Mark 84 (MK84) 2,000-pound bombs and approximately 500 Mark 82 (MK82) 500-pound bombs, as reported by officials. The delivery of these weapons was initially disclosed by The Washington Post.

Both the Mark 84 and 82 are unguided bombs that can be converted into precision-guided munitions with the assistance of a guidance kit, a technology the U.S. has previously supplied. Despite the potential for precision, these bombs are still associated with civilian casualties, and there are indications that Israel has employed them in its Gaza operations.

Israel currently receives $3.8 billion in annual military aid from the United States. However, there is growing criticism of Washington's ongoing provision of arms to Israel, particularly as the conflict extends into its sixth month. International scrutiny of Israel's military strategies in Gaza, coupled with a rising civilian death toll, has intensified this criticism.

Israel’s Barbaric War on Gaza Killed Over 32,900 Gazan Civilians

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Israeli assaults have resulted in the deaths of over 32,916 Palestinian civilians and injured more than 75,494 since October 7.

In related news, Israel has withdrawn from al-Shifa Hospital after approximately two weeks of invasion, leaving behind extensive destruction. Gaza Civil Defense has confirmed the recovery of at least 300 bodies from the premises.

Seven aid workers from the humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen tragically lost their lives in an Israeli military strike on Monday night as they were delivering food to civilians in Gaza.

World Central Kitchen reported that the workers were traveling in two armored vehicles clearly marked with the charity's logo and identified as "soft skin vehicles" within a designated safe zone.

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