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This Photo Predates the Rafah Massacre

Enas Mzaini Enas Mzaini
31st May 2024
This Photo Predates the Rafah Massacre
The photo predates the Rafah massacre (X)

The Claim

A photo shows a child victim of the Rafah massacre.

Emerging story

Following the Israeli airstrikes on a tent camp in Rafah, social media users have been circulating an image claiming that the child was killed by the airstrike in Rafah. 

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the footage and found the claim to be misleading.

After conducting a thorough reverse image search, Misbar’s team found that the photo is old, and not from the airstrikes on Rafah

2023 Photo Shows a Child Was Killed by the Bombardment on Northern of Gaza

The circulating photo dates back to October 22, 2023. The child was brought to the Indonesian Hospital in Northern Gaza and was reportedly injured due to an Israeli bombardment

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Healthcare System in Gaza Collapses

As the armed conflict in Gaza intensified, the health crisis deepened, the Israeli military has conducted more than 400 attacks on health care facilities and personnel in Gaza. Only 12 out of Gaza’s 36 hospitals are partially functioning due to the Israeli strikes. 

Medical staff continue to treat patients with limited access to medical supplies. At least 340 healthcare workers have also been killed and more than 160 others have been detained, according to the Ministry of Health.

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Israeli Airstrikes Kills Dozens in Western Rafah

At least 45 people have been killed, and hundreds more were treated for severe burns, fractures and shrapnel wounds, in an airstrike that hit Tal al Sultan refugee camp, northwest of Rafah, where thousands of displaced civilians were sheltering in tents, and many of whom were women and children. 

Israel's retaliatory offensive has killed at least 36,050 people in Gaza, and more than 80,643 people were injured, mostly civilians, according to the palestinian  health ministry.

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The Video Showing the Hacking of Israel’s Channel 14 Broadcast Is Fake

Outdated Photo Allegedly Shows the Arrest of Two Palestinians During the Gaza War

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