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This Video Does Not Show a Russian Attack On Ukraine

Ahmed Sabry Ahmed Sabry
12th June 2024
This Video Does Not Show a Russian Attack On Ukraine
The video shows joint military maneuvers In 2022 (X)

The Claim

Deadliest #Russian attacks on #Ukraine; 'Record ten thousand Ukrainian troops wiped out.

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Recently, social media users have been circulating a video purporting to show the deadliest Russian assaults on Ukraine, allegedly resulting in the obliteration of a reported ten thousand Ukrainian soldiers.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating video and found the claim to be misleading. 

Footage Shows Joint Military Maneuvers In 2022

Misbar's team found that the video dates back to 2022 and shows jet aircraft and artillery units from both the Russian and Belarusian armies during joint maneuvers. 

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This comes amid escalating tensions between Moscow and the West, fueled by the buildup of Russian forces along the borders with Ukraine.

Russia-Belarus Joint Military Exercises Near Ukraine Border

According to The Guardian, at this juncture, Russia and Belarus have initiated joint military exercises near the Belarusian border with Ukraine. Up to 30,000 Russian troops, alongside nearly all of the Belarusian armed forces, are participating in these drills, which commenced on Thursday. This development coincides with Russia's deployment of forces along its own Ukraine border and in the annexed Crimean Peninsula.

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Much of the equipment utilized in these exercises has traversed thousands of miles across Russia. The Russian defense ministry has confirmed the activation of an S-400 missile defense system in Belarus, positioned near the Ukrainian border. In response, Ukraine has launched its own 10-day drills. General Oleksandr Syrskyi, commander of the Ukrainian land forces, has stated that approximately 10,000 troops are involved in these exercises, strategically positioned along the most vulnerable lines of potential enemy attack.

Escalation In Northern Kharkiv: Russia's Troop Buildup And Ukraine's Defensive Measures

The circulation of claims began following Russia's accumulation of forces near the northern sector of Ukraine's Kharkiv region, where an offensive was initiated earlier this month. According to Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskyi, Russia has been reinforcing its troops in this area by deploying additional regiments and brigades from various locations and training sites. This reinforcement is primarily focused on two main lines of attack: the Strilecha-Lyptsi area, situated between two small villages, and the vicinity of the border town of Vovchansk, which has witnessed street battles. 

Meanwhile, Ukraine's General Staff reported that its forces are bolstering defensive positions in the region and successfully repelled a Russian assault near the village of Starytsia on the Kharkiv front. National Guard spokesperson Ruslan Muzychuk noted that there have been no recent advancements by Russian forces in the Kharkiv region. Syrskyi highlighted Ukraine's efforts to establish an ammunition reserve, which has hindered the offensive capabilities of Russian forces in the area.

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Putin Issues Warning On Long-Range Weapons Amidst Rising Tensions With The West

Last week commenced with the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, where Vladimir Putin convened with leaders from Russia's closest allies. Addressing international journalists during a session, the Russian president cautioned about the potential provision of long-range weapons for targeting the West. 

He expressed concerns that recent actions by Western nations could further erode international security, potentially leading to significant repercussions. Putin emphasized that such actions would signify direct involvement in a conflict against Russia, asserting Russia's prerogative to respond accordingly. 

His remarks followed Joe Biden's decision to partially ease restrictions on how Ukraine can utilize military aid from the U.S., allowing for potential strikes within Russian territory. Putin reiterated Russia's stance on nuclear weapons, stating that Moscow's security doctrine clearly outlines the conditions for their use. He warned that any threats to Russia's sovereignty and territorial integrity could prompt the use of all available means in defense.

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