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This Image Does Not Show The Ship TUTOR Sinking

Ahmed Sabry Ahmed Sabry
21st June 2024
This Image Does Not Show The Ship TUTOR Sinking
The photo is unrelated to Houthi attacks (X)

The Claim

Photo of the TUTOR ship sinking to the bottom of the Red Sea after violating Yemen’s ban on all shipping companies aiding the genocide in Gaza.

Emerging story

Recently, social media users have been circulating an image claiming to show the TUTOR ship sinking in the Red Sea after allegedly being targeted by Houthis.

A boat in the water

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating image and found the claim to be misleading.

Oil Tanker Xelo Sinks off Southeastern Tunisia

Misbar's team found that the image has been altered and dates back to April 2022.

A ship in the water

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The image shows an oil tanker named The Xelo, whcih sank off the coast of southeastern Tunisia. Departing from the port of Damietta in Egypt and en route to Malta, the Xelo sought refuge in Tunisian waters due to adverse weather conditions. Unexpectedly, the vessel began taking on water, prompting authorities to evacuate the seven crew members before it ultimately sank into the sea at dawn. 

Greek Coal Carrier Tutor Reportedly Sinks In Red Sea Following Houthi Attack

The Greek-owned coal carrier Tutor has sunk in the Red Sea a week after being targeted by Yemen's Houthis. The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), responsible for monitoring commercial shipping in the region, reported debris and oil spotted near the vessel's last known position. The Tutor was attacked by missiles and an explosive-laden remote-controlled boat on June 12 near the Red Sea port of Hodeidah and had started taking on water, as per reports from UKMTO, the Houthis, and other sources.

Following the attack, one crew member, suspected to have been in the engine room during the assault, remains unaccounted for. If verified, this incident would mark the Houthis' second successful sinking of a ship, following the U.K.-owned Rubymar, carrying over 41,000 tonnes of fertilizer, which sank on March 2 after being hit by Houthi missiles.

Engaged in a conflict with a Saudi Arabian-led coalition since the removal of Yemen's internationally-recognized government from Sanaa in 2014, the Houthis have been targeting vessels with claimed Israeli affiliations in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden since November 2023. They assert that these actions are a show of solidarity with the Palestinians in response to Israel's military actions in Gaza, where a significant number of casualties have occurred.

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Israeli Military Strikes In Central Gaza and Frees Detainees

Israeli military operations in the central Gaza Strip resulted in the deaths of three people and injuries to more than a dozen others, as confirmed by health officials and medics. Residents reported that tanks intensified their presence in Rafah in the south. In a separate development, Israeli authorities released 33 Palestinians who had been held in detention by Israeli forces across various areas of the Gaza Strip in recent months. The liberated detainees were transported to Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al-Balah, located in central Gaza.

According to the Gaza health ministry, the war has seen a toll of at least 37,431 Palestinian fatalities and 85,653 injuries.

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