About us


MISBAR is an independent Arabic fact-check platform that exists to spread accuracy and honesty among public debate, the media, and social networks. We stick to the best practices in fact-checking, we are recognized by fact-checking organizations around the world, and we adhere to these organizations’ fundamental operating principles of impartiality, transparencyand accuracy.

MISBAR pays close attention to claims made by politicians, party leaders, news outlets, and social media public figures like influencers. We address popular but suspect claims circulating on social media. We fact check claims that are extremely misleading or surprising, with high damage to news consumers. We focus on verifiable facts and avoid fact-checking opinions or ambiguous wording.

Our writers voraciously consume the news in order to stay attuned to talking points and trending/popular news and topics.

We source our articles from social media feeds —Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Baaz and other networks— and from the biggest and most important news outlets in order to track statements and news updates from different sources.

Readers can send us fact check suggestions via website, email, or social media. Once a claim is identified, our writers perform cursory research and then pitch the topic to an editor, who then approves, requests more information, or rejects the pitch. So long as the claim is cleanly worded, can be clearly established or rebutted, and is timely or of interest to readers, the pitch will be approved.

MISBAR continuously monitors social media and mainstream media for incorrect or dubious information. The following parameters are considered when we select topics to write on: How viral is the claim? (extent, reach, spread). What is the source of the claim? (who shared it? A prominent politician? A verified account?) What is the Nature of the claim? (Is it provocative? Can it lead to violence or physical harm to individuals?)

How did MISBAR get Started?

MISBAR started in 2019 as a fact-check unit in Baaz, Inc. (an Arabic social media platform). From the beginning, MISBAR focused on looking at social media posts on Baaz.com and on fact-checking trending news and rating it for accuracy. At the end of 2019, MISBAR became a stand-alone platform with a focus on fact-checking all social media networks, specifically issues that could have an impact on individuals and the general public in the MENA (Middle- East, North Africa) region.

MISBAR is run by the managing editor, editorial team, and freelance journalists. No one tells us what to write about or how to rate claims and statements. We do so independently, using our judgment and following the best practices of fact-checking.

MISBAR Ownership and Funding

Consistent with MISBAR policy, no one working on MISBAR may engage in partisan political activity or make contributions to candidates or advocacy organizations. MISBAR is a non-profit online platform formed and owned by Baaz, Inc. (a Social media Platform). The ties between MISBAR and Baaz allow us to know and learn about social media trends and analysis. However, MISBAR is totally independent and controlled by an editorial team with expertise in fact checking.

MISBAR is working on appointing a panel of independent experts who will work as the advisory board of MISBAR, monitor its articles, and validate its work processes and methodology to guarantee its non-partisanship and independence. MISBAR strictly follows the best practices of fact-checking methodology.

From the beginning, MISBAR relied primarily on financial support from Baaz, Inc. MISBAR does not accept donations or support from anonymous sources, political parties, elected officials or candidates seeking public office, or any other source we would consider a conflict of interest.

MISBAR does not allow Baaz, Inc. any influence over content or ratings. Decisions on which facts to check and what to rate them are determined solely by MISBAR’s independent editorial team. MISBAR is managed separately from the editorial and management teams of Baaz, Inc.

Where do we Work?

MISBAR works from different locations. We have offices in Jordan and the US, as well as editors and developers from France, Turkey and other countries who work remotely.

Visit MISBAR Offices:
7 th floor, Emmar Tower, 6 th circle, Amman, Jordan
1775 Tysons Blvd, 5th Floor, McLean VA 22102, US