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On Our Radar: A 2700-Year-Old Staged Lion Hunt, a Rap About NFTs, and More

Megan Healey Megan Healey
29th March 2021
On Our Radar: A 2700-Year-Old Staged Lion Hunt, a Rap About NFTs, and More

The conversation surrounding misinformation, fake news, and fact-checking is constantly evolving. As changing technologies change the way we take in information, new cultural and ethical considerations arise. Here is a collection of recent readings, podcasts, and other media we’ve highlighted from around the web that addresses the latest issues in fact-checking.

What We’re Reading:

After eight people, including six Asian women, were killed in a shooting in Atlanta this week, there has been debate as to whether the media is accurate in tying the incident to rising patterns of racism. AllSides unpacks the issue from both ends of the political spectrum.

New analysis claims that most disinformation about COVID-19 vaccines is perpetuated by only twelve social media users.

A new law came into effect on March 1st, which penalizes anyone "infringing on the reputation and honor of revolutionary heroes." At least seven people have so far been detained or charged.

Section 230 is a law that gives websites the right to assess what can and can’t be said on their platforms, without being legally responsible. Both Republicans and Democrats are wondering whether it gives tech companies too much power and too little responsibility. 

The author of a new book on misinformation writes about how women have been the victims of deepfakes for years, and how this online abuse is being increasingly weaponized. 

Assyrian reliefs from around 700BC depict a staged lion hunt, used to establish a king’s power and greatness.

A (fictional) insider called “Z” tells the truth about QAnon's claims. Among his new revelations are that Hillary Clinton is actually a CIA agent named Carmen San Diego, and the one way to protect yourself against 5G is to never look at the Internet again. 

What We’re Watching:

SNL’s most recent episode contains a sketch in which a group uses rap to explain NFT cryptocurrency to Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen.

The new documentary from legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog explores both the scientific and cultural significance surrounding meteors and the craters they’ve left at sites around the world. 


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