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Fake News Amid the Political Crisis Between France and Algeria

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
1st November 2021
Fake News Amid the Political Crisis Between France and Algeria
The crisis began since Macron's statement about the history of Algeria (Getty).

Tensions between Algeria and France escalated since French President Emmanuel Macron made a controversial statement about Algeria's history on the second of October, 2021. He inquired in the statement whether or not there was an Algerian nation before French colonization.

In response to the statement, Emmanuel Macron delivered a historic apology on behalf of France to the Haruki, which is an Algerian word that refers to those who fought against Algeria's independence during World War II.

The French government also announced a reduction in the number of visas issued to Algerian citizens and citizens of other North African countries.

Algeria has summoned its ambassador to France to hold consultations with the French government. It also prohibited French military planes from flying over its territory. However, French fighters must cross Algerian airspace to reach the Sahel region as part of the Barkhane Operation, which is currently underway.

In response to these events, some social media users published a story claiming that Tunisia had also permanently banned the passage of French planes over its territory. This story was later debunked. Because Tunisia did not announce such a story, the story was deemed fake news by the media.

Tunisia did not prohibit French planes from flying over its territory, as depicted in the photograph.

"Total respect" for his country was requested in response, and "France should forget that Algeria was once a French colony," according to Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboune.

Abdelmajid Tebboune remarked during an interview conducted by Algerian news outlets, in which he spoke in part in French and part in Arabic, according to the report.

A statement attributed to Emmanuel Macron was circulated on social media shortly after the interview was broadcasted, with some claiming he said, "The one who does not love France does not speak the language of France."

According to Macron, the statement was fabricated, and his final words expressed his hope that tensions with Algeria would be reduced.

The Algerian President's response to Macron's statements has been circulated on social media by some users who claim to have seen a video of it. However, according to the filmmakers, the video was shot in 2019, shortly after Tebboune was elected President of the Algerian Republic.

On October 21, 2021, the Algerian Ministry of Vocational Training announced that the French language would be phased out and that the Arabic language would be used more frequently in official correspondence and educational settings.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Labor has joined the list of organizations that have discontinued using the French language within their respective departments and administrations.

During every international crisis, millions of people witness the spread of false and misleading news in the digital world. Moreover, the stories we discussed in this blog were some of the most prominent examples of fake and misleading news published about the current situation between France and Algeria.

Translated by: Khadija Boufous     

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