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Facebook Executive Blames Users for Spreading Misinformation

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27th December 2021
Facebook Executive Blames Users for Spreading Misinformation
Bosworth states that misinformation is essentially a problem of Demand (Youtube)

In an interview, a Facebook (now Meta) executive stated that the community, not social media, is to blame for spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

Andrew Bosworth, who will become Meta's chief technology officer in 2022, told Axios that freedom of expression can be dangerous, especially when used to spread misinformation, and that democracy must be able to withstand it because it is one of the fundamental human rights.

"Individuals make the decision to believe or not believe something. They are the ones who decide whether or not to share something. I'm not at ease when I say they don't have a voice because I don't, "Bosworth continued.

When asked if the criticism of COVID-19 vaccination would be the same without social media, Bosworth noted that Facebook played a significant role in disseminating accurate information about the virus. However, users must still decide whether to trust the news or listen to the personal opinions of others.

"It's their decision," said Bosworth. "They are permitted to do so. You don't get along with those people. You have no issues with Facebook. That is not something you can impose on me."

Bosworth stated that misinformation is essentially a "demand problem" and that social media cannot deprive people of the information they seek, emphasizing that, at some point, the individual bears primary responsibility.

It's worth noting that Bosworth's comments come when Meta is being widely chastised and accused of facilitating the spread of misinformation, including fake news about the coronavirus and vaccines, among other things.


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