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There Is No Official Estimate of the Cost of Queen Elizabeth II's State Funeral

Hind Khoudary Hind Khoudary
22nd September 2022
There Is No Official Estimate of the Cost of Queen Elizabeth II's State Funeral
No evidence to support or confirm the funeral cost estimates (Getty).

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was a historic event that sparked debate about the costs of the funeral on the internet. The record-breaking funeral expenses incurred by the late Queen were widely reported by the media and shared on social media.

How Much Did the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II Cost?

Several different estimates of the cost of the funeral have been circulating online.

Some claimed the funeral cost 8 million pounds.

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Others claimed the funeral is cost over 10 million dollars and that taxpayers will be forced to pay the costs.  

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Some news websites reported that approximately $7.5 million was spent on the 11-day funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

Other news websites and users claimed it cost £6 billion.

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The actual financial cost of the late Queen's funeral arrangements, however, has not been officially reported.

According to the price of previous large-scale public funerals, the cost of Queen Elizabeth's funeral could reach £8 million, according to the U.K's Full Fact website.

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A former royal security officer predicted to the New York Post that Queen Elizabeth's funeral will cost more than $7.5 million, which makes it the most costly single-day operation in U.K. history.

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New York Times Accused of Insulting Britain Over Funeral Expenses

However, British observers accused The New York Times of attempting to make "sneering attacks on Britain" in its media coverage of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

A headline on the New York Times website read, "The queen's funeral will be paid for by British taxpayers."

The New York Times has received more criticism over its reporting of the Queen's funeral, including a new report noting - with apparent surprise - that it would be paid for by taxpayers

The news outlet attributed the cost of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral to the price of living crisis.

The New York Times, on the other hand, has been forced to apologize for releasing inaccurate inflation statistics in an article about the Queen's funeral, according to the Daily Mail.

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However, Misbar's Arabic team debunked a false allegation that the New York Times reported that Queen Elizabeth's funeral would cost $8 billion.

Despite the fact that contradictory figures attributed to the late Queen's funeral expenses continue to circulate online, we found no evidence to support or confirm any of the circulating estimates.

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