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What Will Happen to the 974 Stadium in Qatar?

Khadija Boufous Khadija Boufous
8th December 2022
What Will Happen to the 974 Stadium in Qatar?
Stadium 974 is the first demountable covered stadium (Getty)

As Qatar hosts the 22nd FIFA World Cup, social media pages and users claimed that Doha's Stadium 974 will be dismantled.

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“Stadium 974, a 40,000-seat stadium built out of 974 shipping containers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, will be dismantled after today's match,” a Twitter user wrote.

“The stadium cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and was used for just SEVEN MATCHES,” he stated.

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According to the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Stadium 974 made history as it was constructed entirely from shipping containers and modular steel. “It is the first fully demountable covered football stadium showing Qatar’s commitment to cost-effective sustainability and daring design.”

The stadium, originally known as Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, has a seating capacity of 44,089 people. 

It was constructed from 974 shipping containers, which is also the country's international dial code. 

However, according to the source, the containers and superstructure would be reused after the tournament.

“A waterfront development boasting fabulous facilities for the local community will spring to life, as well as a dynamic hub for business. This new concept in venue development ensures that while Stadium 974’s physical presence may be temporary, its legacy will be everlasting.”

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According to Forbes, Stadium 974 would not have been that expensive when contrasted with arenas like the Lusail Stadium—part of a broader local redevelopment—and set to host the final.

According to  Associated Press, the exact cost of Qatar’s stadiums is unclear. The total spending on projects tied to preparing for the World Cup is estimated at nearly $200 billion.

According to FIFA, cooling technology was installed in seven of eight Qatar 2022 stadiums. Stadium 974 has natural ventilation and is fully demountable.

The stadium has the latest technologies and fixed platforms for broadcast and photo cameras to accommodate media and fans.

Will Stadium 974 Be Dismantled?

News outlets reported that Stadium 974 was set to be dismantled after hosting seven matches. 

The last match on the field was scheduled for Monday, December 5. 

“The dismantled stadium could be shipped to countries that need infrastructure, according to several reports,” the Arabian Business website stated. However, France 24 said that its next destination remains unknown.

The last match on this stadium’s ground brought together Brazil and South Korea in the only non-air-conditioned stadium before the containers and superstructure were ready to be reused.

According to the sources, matches in this stadium have only been scheduled during evening hours “when temperatures are comparatively cooler than the daytime, due to its lack of air-conditioning.”

For Associated Press, it isn’t clear when the stadium will be dismantled. “Maybe Stadium 974 could be reprieved for the Asian championship starting in 13 months’ time?” an AP News report asks.

The Qatari news agency said that the stadium would be completely dismantled, including its shipping containers, seats, and all facility parts, to be given away in support of countries that do not have stadium infrastructure, after the tournament.

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“If Stadium 974, by the Spanish practice Fenwick Iribarren, successfully demounts as advertised, it could be a useful prototype for the future,” The Guardian stated.

Symbol of Innovative Architecture and Sustainability

According to Qatar News Agency, Stadium 974, an architectural and engineering masterpiece that is the first of its kind in the realm of football, is the first fully demountable covered football stadium. 

According to several reports, "Neither the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) nor the Guinness World Records recorded a World Cup stadium with a temporary structure that can be dismantled.”

Additionally, the stadium was installed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. It served as a milestone in the world of stadium design “in a genius symbolism that indicates the extent to which Qatar is capable both to innovate and dazzle.”

The stadium has been a center of interest as it has a view of the shores of the Arabian Gulf and the skyscrapers in West Bay in Doha. 

Stadium 974 is easily accessible by metro, with the Doha Metro Gold Line being 800 meters away, in addition to the ease of getting there via car or World Cup shuttle buses, according to the Qatari news agency.

The stadium has also received a sustainability certificate from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) with a five-star rating in design, construction, and the category of excellence in construction management.

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