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Will FIFA Revoke Emiliano Martínez’s Best Goalkeeper Award?

Khadija Boufous Khadija Boufous
25th December 2022
Will FIFA Revoke Emiliano Martínez’s Best Goalkeeper Award?
The claim is not supported by official statements (Getty)

After the victory of the Argentine team at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Emiliano Martínez, known as Dibu Martínez, was crowned best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Claims Related to Dibu Martínez’s Gesture

Dibu Martínez was at the heart of the action after he received the Golden Glove trophy at the award ceremony. An image of the goalkeeper celebrating the moment went viral and triggered a wave of criticism and anger.

Meanwhile, other users urged the international football governing body FIFA to withdraw the award. “That irresponsible, insulting gesture has him in ‘no so good terms,’ and his Golden Glove prize could be removed,” a Twitter user wrote.

In the same context, rumors surfaced claiming that FIFA would withdraw the award from the Argentine goalkeeper.

A supporting image within the article body
A supporting image within the article body

Other users in Morocco claimed the award will be given to Moroccan goalkeeper Yassine Bouno.

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Misbar’s team found that FIFA did not announce withdrawing the award from Emiliano Martinez.

El Futbolero Did Not Confirm the Story

The claim originated from the headline on El Futbolero website: “FIFA and the decision to remove the best goalkeeper award from Dibu Martínez after his celebration.” 

However, the article published on December 21 did not confirm that FIFA is removing the award from Dibu Martínez.

The goalkeeper “has been a trend in recent days after the World Cup won by Argentina in the Middle East. First, because of the gesture he made after winning the award for best goalkeeper,” the article reads.

“Now, in France they don't even want to see him, since during the tour of the squad in Buenos Aires, he carried a doll with the face of Kylian Mbappé, and the Frenchmen questioned his attitude.”

The writer asked: “Could FIFA act against the English Aston Villa goalkeeper?”

As Martínez previously made a similar gesture when he won the award for best goalkeeper of the Copa América 2021, El Futbolero’s reporter wrote: “On that occasion, FIFA did not intervene, and the situation would repeat itself after what happened after the World Cup final.”

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Moreover, FIFA did not comment on the controversial story and did not issue any official statement confirming it would remove the award or announce penalties against the goalkeeper.

News of Emiliano Martínez’s coronation is still available on the FIFA official website. The announcement has not been deleted or modified.

Reason of Martínez’s Criticized Gesture

According to MARCA, the goalkeeper told the reason for his gesture in the Argentinian media La Red.

“I did it because the French were booing me, pride doesn't go with me,” he said. “I dedicate the title to my family. I come from a very humble place,” the website reported.

“I went to England very young. I want to dedicate it to them.”

France Outraged by Dibu Martínez

After his controversial celebration at the World Cup closing ceremony, and after he was later spotted carrying a doll with Mbappé’s face taped to it during celebrations in Buenos Aires, Dibu Martínez triggered a wave of anger in France.

Former France international Adil Rami has blasted Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez for his attitude in the 2022 World Cup final, la MARCA reported.

According to Daily Mail, a French minister has called for FIFA to investigate Emiliano Martínez after his actions following Argentina's World Cup final win.

“What is Fifa doing? Sport is about fair play,” claimed Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery on Sud Radio. 

Websites claimed there had been tension between the pair before their meeting on the field. 

Martínez was also seen consoling Mbappe after France's brutal World Cup defeat, but the Aston Villa keeper later taunted him in Buenos Aires.

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