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Video of Two Korean Ladies Being Harassed in India Sparked Misinformation

Khadija Boufous Khadija Boufous
27th January 2023
Video of Two Korean Ladies Being Harassed in India Sparked Misinformation
The local police refuted that the harassed women were missionaries (Twitter)

A 33-second video featuring two Korean ladies with Indian men yelling at them in Hindi went viral. Social media users and pages have shared the footage alleging that the two Korean ladies were Christian missionaries from South Korea trying to make people convert at Chaudhary Charan Singh University.

“This video is going viral, saying "Meerut university students harassed South Korean girls who came to visit their college,” a Twitter account wrote.

“Reality... they were Christian missionaries from South Korea, trying to CONVERT... People are waking up,” they concluded.

The same account retweeted another post and wrote: “After the USA, it is South Korea which sends the largest number of Christian missionaries to INDIA .. it is WRONG to say, they were touring Meerut university ... these were missionaries.”

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Other users claimed the two Korean girls were harassed by a group of Indian boys at the CCS University in India. “The contractors of religion destroyed the country,” a user said in the Hindi language.

Another user tweeted: “Korean Students studying in Delhi had visited Chaudhary Charan Singh University, UP. Here's how they were welcomed by Right Wing goons.”

The Meerut Police Denied that the Two Korean Ladies Were Missionaries 

The Meerut Police has quickly interacted with the viral video and has issued an official statement on their official Twitter account on the same day denying allegations of any religious conversion.

“Regarding the allegations of conversion going viral on certain social media,” “the video has been misrepresented by some people in this way […] as if the girls were preaching religion […] It is completely wrong,” the statement confirmed.

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Another South Korean Girl in India Was Also Harassed 

This video surfaced online after another South Korean lady was harassed by two Indian men while walking down the street and vlogging a few weeks ago in Mumbai.

One of the men tried to kiss her while he was with his friend on a bike. The two men invited her to join them and asked her for her phone number before another man intervened to save her and send the harassers away.

After many people accused her of doing “something wrong,” she decided to post the video she was filming.

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The South Korean lady later went to the Mumbai police station. According to her tweets, her next move was going to court, after the police brought two guys who harassed her into custody.

She later posted another selfie with two Indian men and wrote: “Lunch with two Indian gentlemen who helped me to post the video and saved me on the street.”

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