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Prince Harry Accused of Spreading Misinformation About the Royal Family

Khadija Boufous Khadija Boufous
28th January 2023
Prince Harry Accused of Spreading Misinformation About the Royal Family
Polls show that Prince Harry’s popularity fell in the U.K. (Getty)

Social media posts and news outlets accused Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, of spreading misinformation. Media outlets published reports purporting: “The Royal Family are ‘completely exhausted’ with the ‘stream of misinformation’ from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Face Harsh Criticism Again

Following the release of his memoir “Spare” after days of leaked excerpts, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were subject to many controversies and criticism.

Days before the official launch of “Spare,” multiple copies were made available in Spain, followed by leaks and criticism in the press. After his book hit bookshelves globally, his wife’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, spoke out about alleged “lies perpetuated by the couple.”

“It's been a weird journey for me, seeing the media try to create a disconnect between [...] this rift between a normal family, that was never really a rift until fake news came along,” Samantha Markle said on Fox Nation.

The memoir stirred worldwide controversy as it contains shocking allegations, including claims that the Prince and Princess of Wales encouraged him to dress up as a Nazi and “howled” with laughter when they saw him in the costume. Moreover, the book included allegations that Prince Harry killed 25 people in Afghanistan.

Foreign policy analyst and former aide to Margaret Thatcher, Nile Gardiner, denounced Prince Harry’s behavior, saying: “Prince Harry has destroyed himself, his reputation, and any remaining goodwill that existed before the publication of his book.” 

“He has become a pariah to the British people and will likely end up in exile with the massively destructive Meghan Markle in their California mansion,” he added.

Throughout his autobiography, Prince Harry criticizes the British tabloid press for their “intrusive coverage,” and claims that his relatives were unwelcoming to his wife. He also accuses members of the Royal Family of leaking stories to the media.

According to the Associated Press, “Buckingham Palace has not commented on any of the allegations, though royal allies have pushed back, largely anonymously.”

Prince Harry Accused of Spreading Lies About the Royal Family

The British royal family has not officially commented on the prince’s memoir and the claims he made. However, following the earlier leaks, the Daily Mail published a news article citing unrevealed sources claiming “the Royal Family are ‘completely exhausted’ with the ‘stream of misinformation’ from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

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Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said that the interview that Prince Harry and Meghan gave on Oprah earlier in 2021 did very considerable damage to the Royal Family, especially “the allegations of racism and issues dealing with Meghan's mental health.”

According to the outlet, before his autobiography hit libraries, Prince Harry claimed his family “have shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile.”

The Daily Mail quoted a royal insider telling the Mirror: “It all feels very repetitive. Harry's constant sniping is rather draining, and he knows full well it is highly unlikely they will engage in a tit-for-tat battle of words.”

Another source added that Prince Harry's claim that his family refused to reconcile with him was “unadulterated nonsense.”

Prince Harry’s  Popularity in the U.K. Falls, Polls Revealed

A recent opinion poll from YouGov published a day before the memoir hit the bookshelves, showed an initial dip in Prince Harry’s popularity in the U.K.

According to the poll, 64% of people had a negative view of Prince Harry, compared with 26% who had a positive opinion about him, down from 33% in the autumn, which is the lowest figure in more than a decade of this regular survey, the BBC reported.

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Photo Description: YouGov, January 10-1, 2023 

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