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Were The Alien Mummies Shown In The Mexican Congress Real?

Eman Hillis Eman Hillis
26th September 2023
Were The Alien Mummies Shown In The Mexican Congress Real?
Alleged alien corpses presented at a hearing in Mexico City (Getty)

Two tiny mummified bodies were shown in the Mexican Congress on September 12. Their heads are elongated and their hands have three fingers each. Jaime Maussan, journalist and UFO enthusiast, is the one who displayed these mummies. He swore on oath that they are not part of “our terrestrial evolution,” and that their DNA has unknown origins, as reported by the Mexican media.

Maussan also claimed that the bodies are approximately 1000 years old, according to the findings of a carbon dating test he commissioned on them, saying that they are one of the most important discoveries of all time. The bodies were allegedly found around 2017 in Peru, near the pre-Columbian Nazca Lines.

The images of these two bodies circulated widely all over the internet and stirred excitement among UFO theorists.

Experts Demand More Details of Peru’s UFOs

Misbar’s team reached out to Yerson Collave, a science communicator and journalist who has been investigating the incident of finding the mummies in 2017 for some years. According to Collave, Maussan and the other researchers first said that the origins of the alleged mummies were from the Nazca region (Peru), in the Mexican congress they said that they were found in Cusco. “Perhaps because it is a place better known abroad,” said Collave.

Collave told Misbar that Maussan and the other researchers claim that the mummies found in Peru in 2017 and the mummies shown in the Mexican congress “have the same origin: they are part of the group of 30 mummies supposedly discovered in Peru in 2017 (or last 2016). There is also no certainty about it because there is no serious scientific report about the discovery, we only have their testimony.”

Furthermore, NASA was consulted by the BBC about the incident and whether it was in touch with the Mexican authorities about this incident. David Spergel, President of Simons Foundation, replied saying that the Mexican government should make the two corpses available for the world scientific community to examine, just as NASA does with the lunar rocks. 

"When you have unusual things, you want to make data public," Spergel said. "I think of this as like, NASA has one of the most valuable samples from outer space  -  lunar rocks. What do we do? We make them available to any scientists who want to work on this.”

The Bodies Are Similar To A Hoaxed Alien Body From Some Years Ago

This is not the first time that the Mexican journalist and known UFO grifter Jaime Maussan makes allegations about alien mummies. In 2017, Jaime Maussan along with a group of researchers claimed that they had found mummies in the Nazca desert in Peru, and those mummies were not from Earth, according to the results of their analysis.

This incident was covered by the Gaia group in a report on their Facebook page.

The report in question indicated that the mummies are covered with white powder to prevent the corpse from putrefaction through drying it. The report concluded that the features of the mummies do not look like anything humane or from Earth, instead, they belong to a mummified alien.

A supporting image within the article body
The Mummy As Shown In The Report Of Gaia.

The Mexican Ministry of Culture found that the mummies are not of modern times and are not pre-Hispanic. The ministry was soon warned that the people who found the mummies used false names. Accordingly, the Ministry of Culture carried out an investigation into this matter for having committed the “crime of Attacks against Archaeological Monuments.”

A year later, in 2018, a group of researchers from the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of the Public Ministry studied the mummies and found that the skull of the mummies is the skull of a dog craved to give the classic shape of an alien. They have also found that the bones of bodies have no joints, and the hands of three fingers correspond to human hands.

Investigations about this matter continued. In 2021, Collave interviewed Flavio Estrada, archaeologist and forensic expert in the analysis of human remains from the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of the Public Ministry, who studied the bodies and refuted the claims. He found that the alleged skin was composed of a mixture of glues, plant fiber, ground paper, rubber… Moreover, the bones were cut off from animals. “they had cut off the part of the snout and had used only the middle of the skull”

Despite the results of this investigation about the mummy from 2017, the prosecutor’s office decided not to continue with this case. The other objects, including larger mummies, remained in the possession of the University of Ica, Peru, which in all this time has not published any scientific article on the matter.

It is still a mystery whether the mummies from 2017 are the same mummies shown in the Mexcian Congress. “The question is: how did the mummies leave Peru if they need special permits from the authorities? Are they the same mummies? Did they put together new mummies in Mexico to present them? Because, if they were biological objects, would airport controls have detected them?” Collave wondered.

“The underlying problem here is the trafficking of archaeological goods that occurs in Peru without any type of control. I believe that as long as these Peruvian cultural assets are in the hands of these people we will not have reliable answers. Mexican and Peruvian authorities should intervene, not only to obtain definitive answers but to protect Peruvian archaeological heritage,” Collaved continued.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico Disassociates Itself From the Alien Mummy Announcement 

Following the event, the Institute of Physics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico released a statement on the same day disassociating itself from the findings Maussan claimed about the origins of the samples. The Institute clarified that no carbon dating test was carried out except for the test carried out in May 2017 on a set of samples claimed to be skin and brain tissue.

A supporting image within the article body
A statement by The Institute of Physics regarding the mummies released on September 13, 2023.

The Institute also “disclaimed any subsequent use, interpretation, or misrepresentation made with the results it issues. In the case of the June 2017 analysis, any information that implies the participation of LEMA in any activity other than Carbon 14 dating is completely valid.”

Mr. Maussan has a history of spreading fake news related to aliens. In 2015, Maussan organized an event to show slides of purportedly dead alien mummies. The photo was blurry so it was not possible for the specialists to debunk his claim at the time of the event. However, when the deblurred photo was revealed just hours after the event, it debunked the claim immediately. The image depicted historic remains belonging to an indigenous American child, and it was displayed in a museum decades ago.

Other Misinformation Published About The UFO Mummies

This incident has caused the spread of a lot of misinformation as in the fake old videos that have appeared again purporting that it is of aliens that are similar to the ones shown in the Mexican congress.

A video from 2011 recirculated claiming that the aliens shown in the Mexican congress are similar to an alien found killed in a purportedly “crash site” in 2011.

However, the incident became an internet sensation back then, driving the police to investigate the two Siberian students who discovered the “alien.” The students admitted that they had made the body of the alien themselves. 

The Kremlin also got involved in it due to the controversy the matter caused on the internet. A spokesman from the Russian Interior Ministry confirmed the hoax. He said that the body “'was lying under his bed and an examination of it revealed it had been made of bread crumbs which were covered in chicken skin.”

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