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Israeli Warnings to Gaza Before Airstrikes Rely on Threats to Justify Killings

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
16th October 2023
Israeli Warnings to Gaza Before Airstrikes Rely on Threats to Justify Killings
Israel has committed massacres against 15 families so far (Getty)

Arabic-speaking Israeli accounts, including the account of the Israeli army spokesperson for Arabic media, Avichay Adraee, claim to "warn" the residents of Gaza before targeting their homes or locations under the claim of "ensuring their safety." However, the reality on the ground in Gaza, as depicted through various media outlets, tells the opposite.

It becomes evident from the language used in Avichay Adraee's posts that it is a purely threatening style, rather than a "warning" language aimed at ensuring the safety of Gaza residents, as claimed. Phrases such as "Excuse me, I warned you" and " "I have opened the gates of hell on Gaza" are used, emphasizing the threatening nature of these communications.

Misleading and Unclear Israeli Directives to Gaza Residents

Besides the threatening language, Adraee uses misleading and unclear "guidance" for the residents of Gaza. He directs them to evacuate their homes or locations and head to "shelters" or another place in the city, adding to the confusion and uncertainty among people there.

However, during any Israeli offensive, every place in Gaza is exposed to airstrikes at any moment. Hence,  Adraee promotes a misleading narrative to the public and his followers, suggesting that the residents of Gaza have "shelters" or "safe places" and that they have options for their safety.

Due to the ongoing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) reported that the number of displaced individuals seeking refuge in its schools has exceeded 180,000, with the potential for this number to rise as the "intense bombing and air raids" continue. UNRWA also revealed that one of its schools, sheltering more than 225 people, was directly hit by Israeli airstrikes on Sunday, October 8.

It is a common practice during any Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip that, following Israeli "warnings" to evacuate their homes, some citizens seek refuge in schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), assuming that they would be safe.

However, residents of “Al-trans” area in Jabalia refugee camp were not warned before it was bombed. Local media reported that on Monday, October 9, Israeli aircraft hit a popular market in the “Al-trans” area of Jabalia camp, located in the northern Gaza Strip. This area is known for being busy and densely populated, resulting in casualties and injuries to many who were there.

Israeli Airstrikes on Homes in Gaza

Israel bombed a house belonging to the Shaban family in the Nasr neighborhood in western Gaza City on the morning of October 8. The bombing killed the entire family, the father, the mother, and the four children. It is important to mention that the house was bombed without prior warning, leading to the loss of the entire family, according to eyewitnesses cited by Anadolu Agency.

On the same day, Israel destroyed a house belonging to the Za'anin family in the Beit Hanoun area, northern Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of about 20 family members, including children and women.

Salama Marouf, the head of the Gaza government's media office, reported that Israel has committed massacres against 15 families so far, as their homes were directly bombed without prior warning.

Israel Destroyed Residential Towers in Gaza

On Saturday,October 7, Israeli warplanes destroyed the Palestine Tower located on Al-Shuhada Street in the center of Gaza City. The tower consisted of 14 floors, housing approximately 100 residential apartments. The destruction of the tower led to the displacement of its residents, physical damage to buildings and adjacent facilities, and electricity outages in the area.

Israel alleges that the reason for demolishing these towers is their affiliation with Hamas and its purported use of them for "terrorist" operations. Israel's strategy of targeting these buildings, based on their potential ties to Palestinian resistance -even if the claims are true - fails to account for the numerous civilians living in these structures and the consequences they face when their homes are obliterated amid the continuous bombardment across Gaza.

During the 2014 Israeli offensive in Gaza, there were reports that Israel initially issued a "warning" about striking the Al-Susi Tower, which is located opposite the UNRWA headquarters in the heart of Gaza City. However, this warning was quickly redirected to target the Al-Basha Tower. Some local media outlets suggest that the reason for Israel's change in target from the "Al-Susi" tower was due to a call they received from UNRWA, aimed at preventing damage to their headquarters. This was especially important as there were no "targets" associated with UNRWA inside the tower. The strike strategy was perceived as a means to exert pressure on the Palestinian resistance.

Israel Targets Ambulances and Patients

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qudra, reported that Israeli aircraft have directly and systematically targeted nine ambulance vehicles since the start of the Israeli offensive in the enclave. 

Media outlets have published a video clip that documents Israeli aircraft targeting an ambulance carrying wounded individuals.

Israel Targets Journalists in Gaza

While covering the targeting of a building near the Haji Tower in the western part of Gaza City on the morning of Tuesday, October 10, Israeli aircraft struck a gathering of civilians nearby. This tragic incident resulted in the killing of three journalists: Sa’eed Radwan al-Taweel, Mohammed Rizk Soboh, and Hisham al-Nawajha.

Operation Al-Aqsa Storm

On October 7, the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, led by Hamas, announced the start of an operation called Al-Aqsa Flood in response to Israeli violations against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and ongoing settler attacks on Palestinian residents in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and within Israel.

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood began with rocket barrages, accompanied by incursions into Israeli settlements near Gaza. Palestinian fighters managed to capture and kill Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Israel responded by declaring a "state of war" and initiating a military operation known as the "Iron Swords."

The Israeli War on Gaza in 2023

Following the Al-Aqsa Flood Opertation, Israel carried out intense and indiscriminate airstrikes on various locations in the Gaza Strip, targeting residential buildings, hospitals, and mosques.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that as of Monday, October 9, medical teams had received over 680 martyrs, including 140 children and 105 women, and more than 3,700 injured with various types of injuries. Approximately 10% of the injuries were among children.

What Israel claims regarding its "warnings" and "guidance" to the residents of Gaza under the pretext of "protecting their safety" is nothing but “deliberate deception” and a "license to kill" by misleading the world into thinking that it cares about the lives of civilians while bombing them from the air. Targeting the homes of innocent citizens above their heads, targeting UNRWA schools where thousands have sought refuge, in addition to targeting journalists, ambulances, and medical centers, all serve as examples indicating that the Israeli occupation is deceiving the entire world.

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