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Pro-Israeli Narratives Surrounding Palestinian Casualties in Gaza

Raghad Habash Raghad Habash
21st February 2024
Pro-Israeli Narratives Surrounding Palestinian Casualties in Gaza
Israeli Airstrikes Devastate Gaza City, October 10, 2023 (Getty)

A widespread campaign on social media accounts continues to allege the fabrication of images depicting casualties in Gaza. Many of these claims are found under hashtags such as #Pallywood and #Gazawood. This campaign is not new; it was previously used before the Gaza war in 2017. However, accusations of fabricating deaths and injuries from shootings in Gaza have recently gained widespread attention. The campaign alleges that the victims, injuries, and even the dead bodies shown in videos are portrayed by actors, using several claims.

Different Approaches for the Israeli Propaganda

First, some videos are mocked using sarcastic music, accusing the people of being actors. The campaign employs genuine shots from Gaza, claiming they are fake. For instance, a video showing a mother from Gaza caressing the faces of her deceased children was used to allege that she was putting makeup on them to fake their deaths. The investigation by Misbar revealed more details about the incident and the deceased babies.

The Video Does Not Show A Palestinian Fabricating the Death Of Her Children

Another example is the widely circulated video of Dr. Amira Al-Assouli saving a man shot by a sniper. The video was widely mocked and deemed fake, with claims suggesting that the doctor discarded her green blouse after her initial approach to the injured man.

Dr. Amira El Asouly saving a man shot by a sniper
Dr. Amira El Asouly saving a man shot by a sniper

When examining the video, the doctor is seen wearing the same blouse after taking the patient to the hospital in the second 20, as shown in the image below. In the accusations made, her outfit appears completely dark due to the lack of lighting. Many video clips are mocked and accused of being fake based on such minor comments or without any supporting evidence.

Amira Al-Assouli

In another incident under the same campaign, irrelevant video footage from different countries and situations is used while falsely claiming it was taken from Gaza. Misbar has previously debunked many of these allegations, proving them to be misleading.

In the video below, a scene from a hospital is alleged to be fabricated in Gaza. Upon investigation, the video was discovered to be behind-the-scenes footage for a film, shared by Karim Doniazalle, a Moroccan actor, on his Instagram account in October 2023.

This Video Shows Behind-The-Scenes of a Moroccan Film, Not Fabricated Injuries of Palestinians in Gaza

Another similar case is depicted in a viral video claimed to show the fabrication of an injured child scene.

Misbar investigated and found it to be misleading, as the video belonged to an Iraqi photographer on TikTok, used as part of his photo session.

This Video Does Not Depict Palestinians Fabricating Injuries in Gaza

The staged scene below was utilized to make similar accusations, suggesting girls were pretending to be dead in Gaza. However, Misbar's investigation revealed that it is part of a symbolic representation depicting the victims and the suffering in the war.

This Scene Is Staged and Does Not Depict Palestinians Faking Their Injuries in Gaza

This campaign also targeted Al-Jazeera journalist Ismail Abu-Omar, who was shot and severely injured by the occupation forces, leading to the amputation of his leg. Following the attack, the reporter was accused of being a member of Hamas in the Khan Yunis Battalion.

A supporting image within the article body

Al-Jazeera debunked the claim on its website, considering it an "attempt to justify its crimes against journalists."

attempt to justify its crimes against journalists

The continuous use of misleading discourse, images, and descriptions aims to blame Hamas for allegedly fabricating non-real atrocities to the world. It also targets the widespread shooting and daily documentation by content creators and journalists in Gaza. This strategy aims to deny the atrocities committed by Israeli forces by casting doubt on any reports coming from Gaza, questioning their credibility, and justifying it by linking them to Hamas.

Israel Non-Compliant With ICJ Genocide Orders

After an evidence-based court trial in the ICJ, Euro-Med Monitor reported the death of more than 1,864 Palestinians by Israeli forces, with over 2,933 injured, bringing the total number of deaths since October 7 to 35,880, according to Euro-Med Monitor. Other acts of genocide are still being carried out by Israel on the same scale, including the killing of civilians, intentional starvation, and the ongoing Gaza siege. According to UN reports, Gaza will need 7-10 years to restore the destroyed infrastructure and buildings from the war. On February 7, 100% of the Gaza population recorded the highest number of people facing high levels of severe food insecurity ever documented in any country or area, according to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification.

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