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How Were AI-Generated Images Used During the Israeli War on Gaza?

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
26th February 2024
How Were AI-Generated Images Used During the Israeli War on Gaza?
AI-generated image that circulated during the Gaza war (X)

Since the beginning of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, social media users have published AI-generated images accompanied by misleading claims about the ongoing events in Gaza.

Misbar tracked the most prominent misleading photos in this context and found that they were essentially divided between allegations promoted by Israeli accounts to promote their narrative, and claims published by Arab accounts, showing the advancement of Palestinian resistance factions against the occupation forces during ground clashes and battles between the two sides.

Israeli Propaganda Uses AI-Generated Images

Some social media accounts supporting Israeli propaganda promoted a photo claiming to depict a tunnel for weapons discovered by the Israeli occupation forces during their ground operations in Gaza. However, upon examining the photo, Misbar found many signs indicating its fabrication by artificial intelligence. For instance, the weapons in the inner corners of the image took identical curved shape due to the angle's curve. Moreover, there were noticeable anomalies in some of the rifles shown in the photo.

Israeli Propaganda Uses AI-Generated Images

Moreover, Israeli social media accounts on the X platform published photos claiming to document the Israeli invasion in the streets of the Gaza Strip last December. However, an examination of these photos indicated that they were created using AI. Some evidence included smoke coming out from homes in similar manners and shapes, the Israeli flag on one of the tanks, and distortions in some houses and infrastructure, like the reflection of their shadows.

The Image Is Ai-Generated and Does Not Depict Israeli Tanks Invading Gaza

Additionally, on December 9, 2023, social media accounts circulated a picture claiming to be of Israeli army soldiers in the Gaza Strip celebrating Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, in front of a building shaped like a Hanukkah menorah. However, an examination the photo revealed that it was generated using AI, as one of the soldiers appeared to be without a head, and there was no smoke in the air, among many other indicators that Misbar pointed out.


AI-Generated Images, Not Victories for the Palestinian Resistance

Since the beginning of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, Arab social media accounts have promoted a photo claiming to depict dead occupation soldiers during their battles with Palestinian resistance factions. However, upon examining the elements of the picture, it was discovered to be generated by artificial intelligence.

AI-Generated Images, Not Victories for the Palestinian Resistance

In the same context, many photos were circulated claiming to depict the killing of dozens of Israeli soldiers and the bombing of a group of their vehicles following battles with Palestinian resistance members in Gaza. However, it was revealed that there were indications confirming that these photos were fabricated and generated using artificial intelligence,. Missing elements of shapes and clear distortions appeared in the pictures. Some features of people, especially hands, legs, and faces, showed an unrealistic color tone in the images, indicating an unreal digital design.

Examples of AI-Generated Images Shared During the War on Gaza

In a previous detailed article, Misbar clarified the most common AI-generated images shared during the war on Gaza. To detect these images, users can identify the shortcomings of generative techniques, such as clear distortions in the shape of the human hand and fingers, the overlap of nearby elements making it difficult to distinguish boundaries, and the lack of proportion between different body parts. Additional indicators include people appearing with unnaturally bright skin, image elements in perfect lighting, and the presence of distorted elements in the background of images.

AI-Generated Images Compromise Integrity During the War on Gaza

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