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Hamas Slammed Al Arabiya for Spreading Fake News on Ceasefire

Wesam Abo Marq Wesam Abo Marq
16th March 2024
Hamas Slammed Al Arabiya for Spreading Fake News on Ceasefire
Hamas demanded complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza (X)

Al Arabiya, a Saudi Arabia-owned news outlet, reported that Hamas might consider a revised proposal from the U.S. for a subsequent hostage agreement and intended to dispatch a delegation to Cairo to finalize the deal in the upcoming days. However, Hamas slammed Al Arabiya for spreading fake news, asserting that they had not accepted any new proposals.

Al Arabiya: Hamas Agreed to Modified U.S. Proposal for Gaza Ceasefire

"On March 12, Al Arabiya media outlet reported, citing a 'senior Hamas official,' that the Hamas movement had accepted a modified version of the American proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza. The official mentioned that Hamas representatives are anticipated to travel to Cairo in the forthcoming days to discuss the final details and the agreement's implementation."

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The report reads, "A senior Hamas official said Tuesday that the group had accepted a modified version of the American proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza... Hamas representatives are expected to travel to the Egyptian capital of Cairo in the coming days to discuss the final details and the implementation of the deal, the source told Al Arabiya."

The report further indicated that, according to the most recent proposal, Israel would release Palestinian prisoners at a ratio of 10 to 1 for each Palestinian hostage held.

Moreover, the deal would entail the gradual return of displaced Palestinians from Gaza, as per the information provided by the source.

Hamas Refuted Al Arabiya's Report on Proposal Approval

The Palestinian Resistance faction Hamas denied the claim via Telegram early Wednesday, asserting they had not accepted any new proposals. They stated that the report by Al Arabiya, attributed to a 'senior Hamas source,' regarding an international offer for an extended ceasefire in Gaza, the gradual return of displaced individuals, or a delegation heading to Cairo for discussions, was false.

Furthermore, Hamas urged the media to prioritize accuracy and credibility in reporting, emphasizing the need to avoid manipulating the emotions of their people, who are facing what they described as a Zionist aggression and a Nazi war of extermination for 159 days.

Hamas's Five Principles to Reach a Ceasefire Agreement 

Earlier on March 10, during a speech on the eve of Ramadan, Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas' political bureau, stated that the movement would not accept any agreement that fails to bring an end to the conflict in Gaza or prevent displaced individuals from returning to their homes. Haniyeh attributed the lack of agreement to Israel's refusal to adhere to the fundamental principles outlined in the proposed deal.

These principles encompass a total ceasefire, the complete withdrawal of the Israeli military from all areas of Gaza, the unconditional return of displaced individuals, addressing humanitarian needs such as relief, shelter, and reconstruction, and reaching a prisoner exchange agreement.

Hamas Demands Complete Withdrawal of Israeli Troops from Gaza 

Since October 7, Israel’s aggression on Gaza has severely crippled the healthcare system in Gaza and significantly depleted essential supplies. This situation has left over 2.2 million people vulnerable to severe malnutrition, dehydration, and disease. The Israeli attacks in Gaza have resulted in a substantial loss of Palestinian lives, with over 31,341 fatalities and 73,134 injuries.

According to a senior Hamas official speaking to CNN, Hamas' demands in ongoing ceasefire negotiations still include the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip and the return of Gaza residents to their homes. Basem Naim, a senior member of the Hamas political bureau, emphasized that Hamas would not settle for anything less than an end to the aggression against Gaza, the return of displaced individuals, the withdrawal of occupation forces, and the provision of humanitarian aid.

Yesterday, Israeli helicopters and tanks fired upon crowds of starving individuals awaiting aid in northern Gaza, an area where Israeli forces have faced repeated allegations of targeting aid seekers.

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