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Army General Was Not Killed in Hezbollah Operation

Ahmed Balousha Ahmed Balousha
29th May 2020
Army General Was Not Killed in Hezbollah Operation

The Claim

Israeli Army Commander-in-Chief Aviv Kochavi was killed during an inspection tour of Northern Occupied Palestine when Hezbollah targeted an Israeli military vehicle that killed and injured those in it.

Emerging story

A report published by a well-known Lebanese news website, Lebanon4, about the killing of an Israeli Army General Aviv Kochavi during an inspection tour on the border with Lebanon.



This claim was published in September 2019 and was reported by a few Arab news websites without any clear sources.

Misbar’s Analysis

The reports didn't include any official statements, documents, or visual evidence supporting the claim. Other websites reported the following day about a meeting between Kochavi and the UNIFIL commander.



Israeli news website "Ynet" stated that these allegations came from Arab propaganda websites, which leads to the conclusion that the claim is false.

Misbar’s Classification


Misbar’s Sources

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