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Video of Giant Snake in Thailand? Fake

Ahmed Balousha Ahmed Balousha
29th May 2020
Video of Giant Snake in Thailand? Fake
The video was edited using VFX technology (Getty)

The Claim

 A video of the largest snake on the planet appears on the shores of the Thai city of Toronto.

Emerging story

A video is doing rounds on social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, claiming that it shows the appearance of the largest snake on the shores of a Thai city called "Toronto."

The video shows a snake on the beach, and people at the scene are stunned and terrified at the same time. The video got thousands of views and interactions.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar's investigation found that the video was edited using VFX technology. One of the creators posted it on his TikTok account and received nearly one and a half million likes, and then he posted an explanation on his YouTube channel about the method used to edit the video and the way the snake is added to the original section to appear as part of the clip. He also posted the video of the snake, which was added to the viral video through the editing software.

Adding to this, the city of Toronto is actually in Canada, not in Thailand.

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