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Lindsay Lohan Didn't Convert to Islam

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27th June 2020
Lindsay Lohan Didn't Convert to Islam
Lohan wore a headscarf while working with Syrian refugees in Turkey (Twitter)

The Claim

The American actress Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam.  

Emerging story

Social media users published a photo of the American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan carrying the Quran (the book of Islam), and another photo of her wearing a headscarf, claiming that Lohan converted to Islam. Muslims from around the world flooded her Twitter with congratulatory and welcoming tweets. Users also claimed that Lohan deleted all of the content on her Instagram account and wrote her bio “Alaikum Salam," an Islamic phrase used in returning greetings and translated as “and unto you, peace.”

Misbar’s Analysis

Our investigation found that the claim that Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam is fake. Lohan didn’t officially announce she converted to Islam. The photo of her holding the English version of the Quran went viral in 2015 when she was walking through New York. At that time Lohan was criticized in the US.  

Lohan wore the headscarf while working with Syrian refugees in Turkey. A woman in Gaziantep put a headscarf on her and she said she felt "honored."
Below is an interview with Lindsay Lohan on Haber Turk:

Speaking to the Daily Mail for a Facebook Live interview, the actress said she has been studying the Quran and finds great peace in the Islamic faith. However, she has not yet converted.

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