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Teens in Stabbing Video Are Not Muslims

Suzy Woltmann Suzy Woltmann
25th July 2020
Teens in Stabbing Video Are Not Muslims
The attack was caught on CCTV (Screenshot).

The Claim

A graphic video depicts three Muslim teenagers stabbing a man in Delhi.

Emerging story

In late July 2020, the video began being widely circulated on social media. Many users captioned the video claiming it depicting “minor jihadists.”

Misbar’s Analysis

The video does depict a violent stabbing attack. Misbar chose not to include it due to graphic content, but you can view it here

Manish Kumar, a 25-year-old driver, was attacked by three teenagers. He was stabbed 28 times on July 8, 2020. 

A police officer at the scene said: “A police team that reached the hospital found that the man had at least 28 stab wounds, six of them fatal, and had been pronounced dead on arrival. We registered a case of murder and started investigating.”

The attack took place after a confrontation about the minors committing bike stunts. Deputy commissioner of police Deepak Purohit stated: “We formed multiple teams. Local enquiries revealed that all the three were juveniles. We found that one of the juveniles had a spat with Manish Kumar after he objected to the boy riding a motorcycle at high speed and asked him to not perform stunts in that area.”

Footage of the attack was recorded on CCTV. The minors have since been apprehended. 

The teenagers who attacked Kumar were not Muslims, as the social media posts claim. According to the police report, they are minors who live in the area, but Delhi Police PRO Anil Mittal said that “the accused are not Muslims.” 

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