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Kroger Didn't Add a BLM Charge

Hind Khoudary Hind Khoudary
26th July 2020
Kroger Didn't Add a BLM Charge
This is not a fee related to Black Lives Matter (Twitter)

The Claim

A receipt shows a grocery chain is adding a charge to customer transactions in order to raise funds for Black Lives Matter.

Emerging story

In late July, an image circulating on social media shared and retweeted by hundreds of users claim that the grocery chain Kroger was collecting money for the Black Lives Matter movement from its customers.
The image in the circulating claim showed a Kroger receipt itemizing a carton of milk for $2.38 and a “BLM CHARGE” (circled in red in the photo above) of 59 cents.

Users expressed their rage tagging Koger.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar’s investigation finds that the receipt in the circulating claim is photoshopped. We found the original photo of the receipt that was circulating online earlier this week that show “change shortage," not a “BLM charge.”

Kroger also stated in a comment replying to one of the users on their official social media page that the customer’s receipt is bogus. Kroger explained that they are adjusting to the Federal Reserve’s temporary coin shortage.
The original version of the photo shows a fee for the current nationwide change shortage, not a fee related to Black Lives Matter.

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