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A Restaurant in Atlanta Did Not Ship in Rat Meat

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27th July 2020
A Restaurant in Atlanta Did Not Ship in Rat Meat
It is impossible to ship in packaged inedible meat to be eaten (Getty Images).

The Claim

A Chinese restaurant in Atlanta, GA was shut down after accepting a shipment of rats.

Emerging story

Claims that a Chinese restaurant in Atlanta has been receiving shipments of rats, mice, kittens, puppies, and even a hawk have been circulating on social media since 2004. In mid-July 2020, the claims began recirculating.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar’s investigation into this claim reveals it to be false. It is impossible to ship in packaged inedible meat to be eaten, because there is no international market for it, as such meats are only eaten in remote and local locations around the world. Second, even if such an exotic meat market did exist, it would never get through US customs. It is theoretically possible for a restaurant to harvest local rats and serve them, but no restaurant in Atlanta since 2004 has been closed down for offering illegal menu items. The packages in the claim were taken from a pet supplies store and are intended to feed pet snakes.

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