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WHO is Not Advertising Home-Based COVID-19 Jobs

Suzy Woltmann Suzy Woltmann
29th July 2020
WHO is Not Advertising Home-Based COVID-19 Jobs
While many jobs are now home-based, this is not one of them (Getty Images).

The Claim

The World Health Organization (WHO) is advertising home-based jobs to fight COVID-19.

Emerging story

In late July 2020, a message began circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook saying: "Help us fight CORONAVIRUS by working from home - no experience required... Work 2-3 hours daily on mobile and earn $5- $100 daily.”

The message soon went viral across social media platforms, particularly in Uganda and Kenya.

Misbar’s Analysis

More people than ever have been working from home through the pandemic. New types of jobs, such as contract tracer positions, are being advertised by organizations such as the Public Health Institute, likely leading people to believe that the viral claim is true.

However, Misbar’s investigation found that searching for open jobs on the WHO career page did not show any similar positions. 

Further, WHO Uganda, where the false job posting went particularly viral, posted on their Facebook page that the public should “disregard” the post “because it’s FAKE!”

The ad in the posts links to an application form where users are asked to input personal information. It is a scam.

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