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A Montana Man did not Sell Human Jerky

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10th August 2020
A Montana Man did not Sell Human Jerky
Ringsssss describes itself as a fabricating satirical publication (Getty Images)

The Claim

In 2020, police in Montana arrested a man after the jerky he sold was found to contain human meat.

Emerging story

On February 22, 2020, the website Ringsssss published an article positing that police in Butte, Montana, had arrested a man on suspicion of selling jerky made from human meat. Subsequently, the claim was circulated across the nation on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar’s investigation into this claim reveals it to be false. Ringsssss describes itself as a fabricating satirical publication. Even the names in their stories are fake, unless public figures are being made fun of. Nevertheless, it’s important to address Fake News since it is inevitably circulated across the internet nevertheless. Furthermore, a story about cannibalism would definitely make national news headlines and be very widespread and scrutinized— the fact that this story is not as such suggests that the reason no mainstream publication will touch it is its false status. Overall, we hope that our readership can continue to train themselves to have a better mental compass for truth and falsity so that they can recognize stories like these.

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