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Plant-Based Burgers Don't Secretly Include Meat

Suzy Woltmann Suzy Woltmann
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23rd September 2020
Plant-Based Burgers Don't Secretly Include Meat
The meat-like taste derives from plant-based proteins (Getty Images).

The Claim

Fake meat products are actually made from real meat.

Emerging story

With the recent rise of plant-based meat-like foods, particularly the Imposter, Impossible, and Beyond burgers – which are served at KFC, Burger King, and Carl’s Jr, respectively – many non-meat-eaters have expressed concerns that the faux meat is actually real meat. 

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar's investigation discovered that the concern posed by many vegans and vegetarians is unfounded.

It is of course possible for there to be a mixup with items made to order. For example, a toddler with a dairy allergy was accidentally given real cheese at Pizza Hut, when the parents ordered vegan pizza.

However, with pre-made fake meat, there would have to be a malicious conspiracy for real meat to be in the product.

While the Imposter Burger uses a secret recipe, the company has said that they use Quorn, a meat-free protein made from Fusarium venenatum fungi. Imposter even addressed the rumor that their products contain meat on their website, assuring consumers that “Imposter Burgers are plant based, vegan burgers.”

The Impossible Burger uses soy and potato proteins, and the Beyond Burger uses pea, mung bean, faba bean, and brown rice to supply its protein.

Further, Misbar reached out to spokespeople from Imposter, Impossible, and Beyond. Each assured us that there is no meat used in their products. 

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