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Woody Allen is Still Alive

Suzy Woltmann Suzy Woltmann
20th November 2020
Woody Allen is Still Alive
84-year-old Allen is still alive (Getty Images).

The Claim

Famed director and actor Woody Allen has died.

Emerging story

The claim went viral on November 19, 2020, following a tweet ostensibly posted by Discussing Film.

Many social media users celebrated his alleged death, while ohers questioned the rumor’s veracity.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar’s investigation found that the claim is false. Editor-in-Chief of Discussing Film Jacob Fisher tweeted that the screenshot making the claim was manipulated.

The claim took off following the recent VOD release of Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York. The film was initially dropped by Amazon following allegations of sexual abuse directed at Allen.

However, 84-year-old Allen, who directed movies including Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters, Midnight in Paris, and Blue Jasmine, is still alive.

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