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Photoshopped Document of UAE Visa Ban

Hind Khoudary Hind Khoudary
26th November 2020
Photoshopped Document of UAE Visa Ban
DAFZA doesn’t recognize the image(Screenshot).

The Claim

A picture depicts a list of the banned countries to enter the UAE by DAFZA. 

Emerging story

As the United Arab Emirates was no longer issuing visas a list of the banned countries started circulating online. The photo shows a list of countries banned claiming it was issued by Dubai Airport Freezone.

The picture has been shared on Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, and Iran, were banned according to the document circulating by the DAFZA.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar's investigation found the circulating picture photoshopped. We searched for the circulating on Dubai Airport Freezone's official pages and website but we didn't find anything related to the circulating photo.
We also tried to search if the circulating picture is officially published on a governmental website, but nothing was found. 
A lot of photoshopped images started circulating since the news started to circulate. Misbar's team still didn't find an official document that makes the circulating news clear. The UAE authorities did not provide further details on the reasons for the ban or how long it would last.
DAFZA doesn’t recognize the circulating image.

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