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UAE Suspends Visas for Nationals From 13 Countries

Hind Khoudary Hind Khoudary
26th November 2020
UAE Suspends Visas for Nationals From 13 Countries
Unkown reasons of the ban(Getty).

The Claim

UAE stopped issuing entry permits and visas for Lebanese citizens.

Emerging story

In November 2020, news that the UAE is suspending visas for Lebanese citizens started circulating. Users claimed that Lebanese are no longer allowed to apply for a tourist visa to the UAE. Some shared a screengrab of an email saying that visas from Lebanon are suspended.

Others claimed that a trusted source from the UAE tells that there is no official decision to block visas for Lebanese people.

Misbar’s Analysis

According to Reuters, the United Arab Emirates has stopped issuing new visas to citizens of 13 mostly Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, according to a document issued by a state-owned business park. We didn’t find a lot of details on the reasons for the ban or how long it would last during our investigation. A source briefed on the matter told Reuters the visas had temporarily stopped being issued to Afghans, Pakistanis, and citizens of several other countries over security concerns, but did not provide details of those concerns.
Lebanon wasn't the only country banned from UAE's entry visas. 

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