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Trump Didn't Tweet About Madonna

Hind Khoudary Hind Khoudary
27th November 2020
Trump Didn't Tweet About Madonna
Fabricated Tweet(Screenshot).

The Claim

US President Donald Trump sent condolences for the death of ‘Maradona’ but actually hinted at ‘Madonna’ and her music.

Emerging story

A screenshot of a tweet from the U.S. President Donald Trump claims he was confused Diego Maradona with Madonna. The screenshot circulating claims that Trump sent a tweet reading: "Very sad to hear about the death of Maradona. A great person. Her music was wonderful. I remember listening to her albums in the early 1980s. Rest In Peace!"

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar's investigation found nothing related to the claim circulating. We didn't find such a tweet on Trump's official account @realDonaldTrum and Politwoops, a project by ProPublica that archives deleted tweets from politicians.
Trump did not send a tweet confusing Maradona with Madonna. This is not the first viral screenshot of a tweet by Donald Trump that is morphed and misleading.

Misbar’s Classification


Misbar’s Sources

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