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No Plans for COVID Vaccine Passport Stamps

Hind Khoudary Hind Khoudary
2nd December 2020
No Plans for COVID Vaccine Passport Stamps
PCR tests are required in airports(Getty).

The Claim

A COVID-19 vaccine passport stamp will be required.

Emerging story

As the world is waiting for the approval of COVID-19’s vaccine, news that airlines will require a vaccine passport stamp started circulating.

Some social media users claimed that will ask you to show a stamp on your passport that will prove that you had the vaccine.
Users tweeted that people have to refuse vaccine passport stamps.
The Sun newspapers, reported that there is new scheme on cards which could allow British holidaymakers to go abroad hassle-free with "vaccine stamps" added to passports.

Claims that 'COVID Passport' is coming to airlines, to prove your vaccination; is now in the final stages of development.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar's investigation found a lot of conflicting news about the COVID-19 vaccine passport. Some claims are claiming is required in airports for travelers, others claimed the passport was required in restaurants and pubs. 
According to the BBC, there are no plans to introduce a "vaccine passport" to give people access to places such as pubs and restaurants once a coronavirus jab becomes available.
Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has denied plans to introduce a Covid-19 vaccine passport system which could allow bars, cinemas, restaurants, and sports venues to refuse entry to people who haven’t been inoculated. There is no evidence that supports the circulating claims. Airlines already ask for a PCR test that proofs that the traveller is not affected with COVID-19.  We didn’t find an official document that proves that a passport stamp or internationally recognized certificate proving that a person has been vaccinated against coronavirus be introduced in the future. Even the news website used the word could in the title of the articles which makes the news unreliable.

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