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Netflix Isn't Offering Free Subscription

Malak Zamzam Malak Zamzam
10th December 2020
Netflix Isn't Offering Free Subscription
Watch out from Netflix scam links(Getty).

The Claim

Netflix is offering a one-year free subscription due to COVID-19.

Emerging story

Social media accounts have been circulating news that Netflix is offering a one-year subscription to encourage people to stay home. Users claimed that Netflix wants people to stick to the quarantine laws. In which some of the posts also include links to click and subscribe for the free accounts.

Misbar’s Analysis

Our investigation found the circulating false. News that Netflix is offering free subscriptions, turned out to be a scam.
There are different free trials offered by Netflix but they are definitely not related to the current circulating claim. Many people received an email or a text message of the offer with a link for clicking and subscribing or had seen it on a post on social media.

The link demands you to submit your personal details, aiming to steal personal information and details that could include passwords, bank account information.
However, Netflix denied advertising for free subscriptions in a statement published by the British newspaper report, pointing out that it is impossible to request any personal information for users via an email or text message on the phone.

Unfortunately, Netflix is not giving free subscriptions!

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