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Microsoft Didn't Acquire Sony

Malak Zamzam Malak Zamzam
3rd January 2021
Microsoft Didn't Acquire Sony
There is no official evidence proving Microsoft acquired Sony (Getty).

The Claim

 Microsoft acquired Sony with all its divisions, including Playstation.

Emerging story

In December 2020, news about Microsoft acquiring Sony with all its divisions, for about $130 billion started circulating. News spread claiming that the operation is to monopolize the industry and return strongly to the entertainment business. 

Social media users and news websites shared the claim.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar's team didn't find any evidence to support the claim. There was nothing official on Microsoft or Sony related to the claim. Not even press releases were found on their websites

News about this claim was not covered by major news agencies. Considering the importance of both Microsoft and Sony, it seems likely that the acquisition would have been covered.

According to Forbes, Sony was estimated to have a market value of 78.7$ billion in May 2020.

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