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KPop Takes Over ImpeachBidenNow Hashtag

Deja Tyla Hansen Deja Tyla Hansen
25th January 2021
KPop Takes Over ImpeachBidenNow Hashtag
Kpop stans have taken over several politicized hashtags (Getty Images).

The Claim

Kpop stans have taken over the #ImpeachBidenNow hashtag.

Emerging story

On January 22, Dr. Jen Golbeck announced on Twitter: “The social media activism of the kpop stans is something I've grown to love from the depths of my heart. They're all over #ImpeachBidenNow today and it's glorious. Here's a randomly selected kpop gif as a thank you to them (I don't know who this is, but love the dresses)”

Many Twitter users posted various gifs and memes in reaction to the news.

Misbar’s Analysis

To understand the background of this claim, we must first define the term K-pop stan. A “K-pop stan” is an active fan of Korean pop music. These individuals are commonly known for their continuous activist and rebel efforts against politicians and leaders.

Following Biden’s inauguration, K-pop stands took over the #ImpeachBidenNow hashtag. This comes only a couple of months after the same group is known to have taken over the #WhiteLivesMatter hashtag. Their intent then was to flood the tag with posts in order to drown out any racist messages on social media.

Now, K-pop is believed to have taken over the hashtag to conduct a similar effort in order to thwart those against Biden’s formal inauguration into the Oval Office.

Due to the evidence presented, Misbar finds this claim to be true. K-pop has in fact taken over the #ImpeachBidenNow hashtag. While their intent has not been validated, their message and history make it clear that once again they’re exercising their influence on social media by drowning out those that they disagree with.

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