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It Annually Snows North of the KSA

Yasmine Sami Yasmine Sami
18th February 2021
It Annually Snows North of the KSA
It's not rare to see snow in Tabuk (Screenshot).

The Claim

Snow precipitation in northern Saudi Arabia is due to climate change.

Emerging story

In February 2021, Twitter users shared a video showing snowfall in northern Saudi Arabia.

Users sharing the video claimed that is snowing in KSA due to climate change. 

The video circulating shows two camels under the snow.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar’s investigation found that the claim is misleading. It annually snows in the north of the country, it is not something rare to happen.

Climate change exists but northwest Saudi Arabia often experiences snow. Contrary to popular perception, not every region in Saudia Arabia is warm year-round.

The video was published by Bandar Al-hawas, a nature photographer and a weather observer.

The weather forecast shows the temperature for each month, as in the current month the temperature reaches below zero at night with snowfall.

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