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Vaccination in Russia Is Not Compulsory

Yassin Osman Yassin Osman
3rd March 2021
Vaccination in Russia Is Not Compulsory
Healthcare Minister visits a vaccination site - Russia(Getty).

The Claim

COVID-19 vaccinations are compulsory in Russia and conducted through armed military raids.

Emerging story

A video widely circulating on social media depicts armed security forces raiding houses in Russia to force citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

The video showed multiple houses being raided by military, pulling people off the streets forcing them to get vaccinated.

A Russian voice-over added that receiving the vaccine is mandatory in Russia.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar's investigations found the circulating claim to be false.

The original video, which now has over one and a half million views, was taken from a Russian youtube page called Barakuda.

The creator of Barakuda, Andrej Klotschkow, previously said that that the site addresses real problems which have not been resolved for numerous years and draw attention to them with “humorous sketches.”

The main character in the videos is Vitaly Nalivkina who is played by Russian actor Andrei Neritin.

The video is clearly humorous, with exaggerated scenes and dramatization.

Whilst there is a lack of public trust, the vaccinations in Russia are in fact free and voluntary except for some groups in the armed forces.

Despite all the videos on the page being of a satirical nature, Neritin was sentenced to 5 days in prison in June 2020 for “minor hooliganism.” He allegedly insulted the representatives of state power with his latest video about a fictitious corrupt politician.

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