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False: France Bans Halal Slaughter of Poultry

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31st March 2021
False: France Bans Halal Slaughter of Poultry
Users flasely interpreted statement by the Great Mosques (Gety).

The Claim

France has banned the halal slaughter of chicken.

Emerging story

On March 20th, 2021, TRT World shared an article on Twitter claiming that France has passed a new rule that bans chicken's halal slaughter.

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Users responded with outrage, calling France Islamophobic and questioning the reasoning for the ban.

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A supporting image within the article body

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar’s investigation found this claim to be fake.

In a statement released by the Great Mosques of Paris, Lyon, and Evry on March 18, they cited an order by the Ministry of Agriculture to claim that Islamic principles were being ‘compromised’ by France's Government. 

The three mosques claimed that it was impossible to follow the guidelines mandated for halal poultry slaughter in light of the Ministry of Agriculture's new rules. The new technical guidelines (DGAL/SDSSA/2020-72) for animals' slaughter were dated November 23, 2020.

People on social media interpreted this statement by the Great Mosques thinking that the new French regulations had placed a ban on halal chicken slaughter. 

According to the Middle East Eye, the new rules regulate electric shocks used to stun chickens before they are slaughtered. The new guidelines make it mandatory to use electricity to paralyze the chickens before slaughter. One of the mosque authorities alleged that this new ‘electrocution rule’ would lead to the chicken's death before its slaughter, making its consumption considered not halal.

Meat is considered halal if the animal is alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all blood is drained from the carcass. During the process, a Muslim will recite a dedication, know as Tasmiya or Shahada.

According to the Halal Food Authority (HFA), stunning cannot be used to kill an animal.

TRT World has since updated the article title to “French mosques fear poultry slaughter policy will hinder halal practice.”

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