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The U.S. is Facing a Boba Shortage

Rebecca Bowen Rebecca Bowen
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18th April 2021
The U.S. is Facing a Boba Shortage
A large shipping traffic jam is expected to cause the shortage (Getty Images).

The Claim

Supply chain disruptions are causing a shortage of boba, for boba tea.

Emerging story

The San Francisco Chronicle first reported of a boba tea “bubbles'' shortage after Instagram users, bobaguys decided to alert the world to the impending shortage. It wasn’t long before Twitter users began lamenting the loss of one of their favorite chewy drinks, with one user calling it a “boba crisis.”

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar’s investigation revealed that a large shipping traffic jam on both U.S. coasts is expected to cause impending shortages on many goods, with tapioca amongst them. Boba tea shops are preparing to tell unhappy customers.

Boba tea, also called “bubble tea” or “pearl tea” in some places, originates from Taiwan and is extremely popular in the U.S. The drink consists of black or green tea, sometimes juices or syrups, often milk or cream, and pearls of tapioca in the bottom. The pearls are made from tapioca starch, which is the ingredient being held up in West Coast ports. Caffeine drinkers understand the need for their drug of choice, and boba tea is reportedly very addictive

If you’re a boba tea lover prepare for a craving that may not be satiated for quite a few months!

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