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No Evidence of Children's Blood Harvesting

Suzy Woltmann Suzy Woltmann
19th April 2021
No Evidence of Children's Blood Harvesting
There is no proof to Caviezel's outlandish claim (Getty Images).

The Claim

Children's blood is being harvested for adrenochroming. 

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On April 16, 2021, actor Jim Caviezel – who played Christ in The Passion of the Christ and the Count in The Count of Monte Cristo – attended a “health and freedom” conference in Oklahoma. At the conference, Caviezel said that we are experiencing an “adrenochroming of children.” 

This soon went viral on social media, with some supporting and others making fun of the claim.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Caviezel went on to explain what he believes to be the adrenochroming of children: “Essentially, you have adrenaline in your body. And when you are scared, you produce adrenaline. If you’re an athlete, you get in the fourth quarter, you have adrenaline that comes out of you. If a child knows he’s going to die, his body will secrete this adrenaline. And they have a lot of terms that they use that he [Tim Ballard] takes me through, but it’s the worst horror I’ve ever seen. The screaming alone, even if I never, ever, ever saw it, it’s beyond — and these people that do it, umm, there will be no mercy for them.”

However, Misbar has debunked the adrenochrome theory before. It stems from conspiracy group QAnon, who believes that liberal elites are harvesting the blood of children for the chance of looking younger.

While adrenochrome is a real chemical that is a byproduct of adrenaline, you don’t need children to make it. You don’t even need a living gland to make it, despite the claim made by an unhinged lawyer in the fictional movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Further, there is quite literally zero evidence of blood harvesting. While there have been scientific studies transfusing young people’s plasma to older people, those involved in the research are volunteers paid for their time. The FDA has said that there is no evidence that young blood transfusions help with aging issues.

Overall, it seems that Caviezel has an overactive imagination. Perhaps his work in sci-fi and paranoia TV and film has gotten to his head. We rate this claim as false.

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