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Doctors Warn Against Injecting Seasoning Cubes

Olawale Ameen Olawale Ameen
13th June 2021
Doctors Warn Against Injecting Seasoning Cubes
Pumping seasoning cubes into your anus is not safe (Getty).

The Claim

Women injecting seasoning cubes hoping that the salt and oil content will make their butts bigger.

Emerging story

A famous Nigerian blogger and social media influencer, Kemi Olunloyo, recently claimed in a viral post on her Facebook account that injecting cooking cubes will make any woman's butt bigger. The viral post already has over 900 reactions, 200 plus comments, and more than 200 shares in less than 24 hours.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar's investigation found Kemi Olunloyo's post false. Cooking cubes are not known to enhance a woman's butt.
The craving among African women to have bigger buttocks appears to be on a steady rise, with many going under the knife and doing all sorts to enhance their body shape in a bid to look more sexy and appealing to men.
However, Misbar's investigation reveals that several scientific platforms have debunked this claim, thus establishing that this act is false and can lead to complications and diseases for anyone engaged in it.

According to Ifilscience, the belief – though not backed up by scientific evidence – is that the salt will cause the tissue to expand, making the buttocks look rounder. This report by Afric News tells how many women have had to deal with infections due to this wrongful use of spiced condiments. Others lost their lives.

According to Science Times, this practice can lead to rectal diseases and hypertension. Dr. Silas, a health practitioner, revealed that the lining of the anus could absorb the salt in the cubes, which will end up in the bloodstream. This excessive salt in the bloodstream could lead to hypertension, he says. Yet,  Aproko Doctor confirmed that this practice should be avoided at all costs as it is ineffective and could lead to several implications.

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