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Samsung Sam Wasn't Created by Samsung

Christopher Frawley Christopher Frawley
14th June 2021
Samsung Sam Wasn't Created by Samsung
Samsung Sam was created by Lightfarm Studios (Getty Images).

The Claim

Samsung has released a new animated mascot. 

Emerging story

Samsung Sam, aka “the Samsung girl,” has taken the internet by storm. Since going viral on social media, she has inspired memes and fan art all over multiple platforms. Some of the fan art depicting Samsung Sam is considered not-safe-for-work (NSFW) and shows graphic sexual imagery. 

This post, from an adult art page, was amongst the first to make Samsung Sam go viral. 

A supporting image within the article body
A supporting image within the article body
A supporting image within the article body

Misbar’s Analysis

The animations for Samsung Sam were developed by Lightfarm Studios, a visual arts production house. According to their website, Lightfarm specializes in “visual communication,” and their work includes “animation, advertising photography, 3D content, real time content (VR and AR), image manipulation, video editing and post production.” For unknown reasons, Lightfarm has removed all images of Samsung Sam from their website. 

Although Samsung Sam has been described by social media users as a virtual assistant akin to Apple’s Siri, the character has not been officially endorsed or commented on by any of Samsung’s outlets. While some users claim that Lightfarm created the character in collaboration with Cheil Worldwide, a marketing subsidiary of Samsung, and is thus an official Samsung creation, the evidence for this is not irrefutable. 

It is unclear whether or not Samsung will acknowledge Samsung Sam now that she has become wildly popular overnight. In any case, they have benefited from some accidental viral marketing. 

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