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Video Shows Climate Change Activists, Not Satanists

Christopher Frawley Christopher Frawley
22nd June 2021
Video Shows Climate Change Activists, Not Satanists
They are a part of the "Extinction Rebellion" movement (Getty Images).

The Claim

A video shows a satanic ceremony being held outside of the G7 summit. 

Emerging story

The G7 Summit, a gathering of seven of the world’s top leaders, was held in Cornwall, England last week. Many demonstrators and activists also showed up, including one group of people clad in blood-red robes. Some wore masks, others had painted their faces, and some were dressed as birds. Lined up single file, the procession walked around slowly while holding their arms out. Social media users posted videos and pictures of these demonstrators, calling the affair a “freak show,” and referring to the participants as “satanic.” 

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Misbar’s Analysis

These demonstrators are not actually Satanists. They are a climate change activist group called The Red Rebel Brigade and are part of the Extinction Rebellion movement, which aims to bring attention to the devastating impacts of climate change through their performances and bold colors. They have made numerous appearances and are internationally well-known.

Their website reads: “We are an international performance artivist troupe dedicated to illuminating the global environmental crisis and supporting groups and organisations fighting to save humanity and all species from mass extinction.” Originally developed by artists Doug Francisco and Justine Squire, the red of their robes symbolizes the blood which all living things share. 

In response to one social media user who pointed out their use of the extinction symbol and said “Depop is the plan,” the group actually uses the extinction symbol as a way to raise awareness that climate change can lead to something as devastating as extinction.

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Extinction Rebellion protesters in London, holding the extinction symbol (Getty Images).

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